Doseone - Arm in Armageddon (D33J Remix)

Just recently churned out this remix for Doseone's new LP G is for Deep! Excited to have worked with this material, been a fan of anticon & doseone for a while now. peep the track below or check the premier via XLR8R

<3 D33J <3



we out here tryna funtion with chu in los angeles tonight! For those in LA i will be playing with my main dudes Groundislava and Newman Wolf + The Melt residents. theres allot popping off in LA but this is gonna be the place 2 be 2 me. its free before 10pm, hope to see all ur pretty faces out n about


4 those of u still unaware, Wedidit boyz RL Grime and Salva have official broken the internet with there remix of Kanye's 'Mercy'. topping ova 200k in 2 weeks, this remix is so fire i can't even listen to it without the chinese sweatshop under my building throwing a fit.

DOWNLOAD : http://wtrns.fr/DC51wJQZ1HbMzjw
DOWNLOAD : http://wtrns.fr/DC51wJQZ1HbMzjw
DOWNLOAD : http://wtrns.fr/DC51wJQZ1HbMzjw
DOWNLOAD : http://wtrns.fr/DC51wJQZ1HbMzjw



ELAN: Closer PDX & Seattle

What up! I'll be up on the north coast for two shows very soon.

Longtime WEDIDIT homies Dropping Gems are bringing me out to the Crown Room for the Closer music festival on Friday June 22nd. Then it's off to Seattle a few days later for Stop Biting at LoFi on Tuesday June 26th.

check the event pages below for details.



Doing like some shows or something this month, like more than ever 2 me. if you live in california or u like california you should come 2 one of these or all of them. if you go to all of them i will write a song about u and how amazing our collective experiences have touch me real. SF // LA // PS get rdy to get really emo. we can use our tears to lubricate the dance floor so makes sure to cry

<3 D33J <3

June 2nd @ Outer World
w/Kouta Mark Aubert, & Lotide //SF

June 12th @ SOUNDPIECES 
w/ Cedaa, Bogl v Dials @ Monarch //SF

June 14th @ Secret Society 
w/ Devonwho @ Icon //SF

June 16 & 17th @ Calling All Kids Showcase
w/ Grimes, Matthew David, Low Limit, DJ Sodapop @ Ace Hotel // Palm Springs

June 21rst @ The Melt
w/ Groundislava & Newman Wolf + Residents @ Los Globos // LA

June 22nd @ Black Hole
w/ Natural Curves + TBA @ EverGold Gallery // SF



Sun Ra Remix Vinyl from All City

YO a lil late on this but go check out the new release from All City Records out of dublin: "SPace Loneliness #2" a Sun Ra track b/w a remix from wedidit friend Austin Peralta. me and Strangeloop helped him make it real, so we got our names on the back of this VINYL ONLY release.

it's a 12" worth acquiring, cuz the original Sun Ra track has never been released on vinyl, and Austin's remix is a fun sparkly little thang. purchase here, a mere 9 euro. ~~

ALSO the firm release date on my upcoming EP is June 12, not to be moved again. more info on the release and the release party in LA coming soon, but for now here's the final tracklist and cover art, a Nate James X Strangeloop collab:

1) You Tope, Ya?
2) TopGurl (Jondy's Lady)
3) Other Directions
4) Looseleaf Head-Full

If u haven't checked out Juj's remix, peep it here and download it from Teaching Machine after the EP is out. Lookout for remixes from Broodlings (Embassy) and BENEDEK (Proximal).

~(( ˚____˚ ))~

4rm FAM: Delroy Edwards

Major fam Delroy Edwards just put up some dirty NY house on his soundcloud, the first of many things yet to come. Check out these gritty gems below.