Anyways. so my new EP drops on June 26th. Here's the first track off of it with a free download. thanks everyone for being dope 2 me. (ノÒ益Ó)ノ彡▔▔▏


Bahwee - Flavors 2

My dude Bahwee is back on the scene with Flavors 2, a follow-up/continuation of his Flavors release from way back when. If you were a fan of that one, you know what to expect, and this one won't disappoint (see: 6. Spitting Game).

Here's what he had to say:
"Alright guys. So remember last year when I proclaimed that my forthcoming album The Gap was gonna be this total change in sound direction for me and all that? Well it turns out that I’m an idiot and a liar because I’m back with a Flavors 2 and The Gap, which was supposed to be out last July is still being “mastered”. I know, I know…it will come out later this year I think. In the meantime bitches, here’s Flavors 2. I was gonna do a whole blurry lights thing again for the visual but Ta-ku used it for Latenyc and there’s only so many blurry lights and triangles to go around in this world. Shouts out to My Hollow Drum, the whole HW&W squad, and Soulection Radio and much love to everybody fucking with me. I did this for y’all.” – Bahwee 

Jonwayne Fucks Disney

Jonwayne takes all the sounds from ur childhood memories of sitting watching Disney's movies and gives them a dgaf rework. Using his ipad, sp-404, and a host of other tools he's giving out this free ep to update ur mental disney soundtrack, Jonwayne style

Download Here 

SF hOuSe ShOw ThIs SaT

House show this weekend in San Francisco featuring great friends in the bay area all playing in one spot. If your in the area this weekend this is definitely the show to check out. Here tunes from the artist playing below and show ur pretty face this saturday :-) 



Trap On Acid- RL Grime

Free gift from my <3 to ur ears in light of some manufacturing issues with the patches that came with the Grapes EP. They are shipping out today. ALT DOWNLOAD HERE <3, RL



Good homie Ian Heil dropping some fiery Anubis heat with his new animation 'Fortune_and_Glory'




Peep our homie K.Rudd's new video for "Gorrid Thorsome" done by our buddies over at I VS EYE

And WeDidIt family member Jerome of LOL Boys just did this geeked out video for Crookers "Laughing Track"