D33J Remix: Sigur Ros - Ekki Mukk

just heard this beautiful ass track by Sigur Ros a few days and had 2 flip it. here she is. housemates let me use their juno106 on it, so stoked that thing is a beast. this one is the first thing i've made in a while hope u like it <3 <3 <3

DWNLD IT ---> H3R3

<3 <3 <3 D33j <3 <3 <3


D33J : April Calendar (PDX,SEA,SF)

gonna be around the pacific northwest early next month w/ devonwho playing some shows. for those of u around it would great 2 c some faces here, it'll be my first time playing in both cities :) also playing in SF on the 10th for the bay are fammmmm

4/4: Dropping Gems Presents : Devonwho, D33J, Spekt1, Northern Draw & Bone Rock
10PM - 2:30AM 21+ // $5 at the door

4/7 Beats w/ Devonwho, D33J, Kel, Diogenes, Al Nightlong
1508 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
21+ $3

4/10 : Som Bar w/ Groundislava + Special Guest

<3 <3 <3 D33J <3 <3 <3


Jonwayne 'This is False' Mixtape

Jonwayne just dropped his 'This is False' Mixtape a few days ago. much recommended that u cop this one. download it free here ------> download



hey dudes n ladies, tonight i'll be playing Low End Theory for the official Teaching Machine launch party, celebrating our first release, my new EP - excited to play these tunes for u guys. if you're in LA you ought make it out to this one, it will be an extra-extraordinary endeavor - Teaching Machines like Leigh McCloskey (the dude behind the Cosmogramma album art) and Micah Nelson will be live painting, there WILL be lasers, and super special guests, and Austin Peralta will be doing a fun live thing with friends that u won't wanna miss. and as long as yer on Facebook attending the event, come like my brand new Earnest Blount page.

my upcoming release is going to be called the Other Directions EP and an official tracklisting will be up soon. also stay on the look out for a remix EP featuring some WEDIDIT friends and family, should come out not too long after the EP.

it's spring time dammit! there WILL be lasers!


Poste-Haste EP

Before I got signed to Monkeytown, I was working on this 10" with DJ Pound. It took long enough to materialize, but we finally got it out with the help of local label/collective/conglomerate Kill Quanti. Stream it, or pick up a copy of the 10" from Access.



Mark Aubert release's 'Fake Island on SickoNasty

Good friend Mark Aubert just released his Fake Island tape via SickoNasty. Listen Bellow and make to purchase the cassette while u still can



Wedidit Team SXSW Guide

A few of us will be in Texas next week getting piss drunk, eating mad BBQ and maybe playing some music while we're at it, so we wanted to give u a heads up of where dat might be. shlohmo, groundislava, jonwayne and d33j will be playing sets throughout the week, make sure you catch one of these shows 2 c ur boyz in full drunken action.

FOF x RMBA 3/13 San Antonio

PitchFork x SXSW 3/13 @ 8:30

Fof Music SXSW 3/15 @ Day

The Fader 3/16 @ 1 - 3pm

StonesThrow x SXSW 3/13 @ 9pm

SQE Showcase 3/16 @ 12 - 5:30pm

Applied Pressure 3/16 3:30 - 8:30pm

Portals BUSXSW 3/16 @ 9pm

FOF x RMBA 3/13 San Antonio

Fof Music SXSW 3/15 @ Day

LFTF x SXSW Showcase 3/14 @ 12-6pm (2pm cmt)

LFTF Showcase Live Stream Link <----

*not all set times are announced yet, check back 4 updates :)
*all time are CMT unless otherwise noted