D33J Interview + Mix 4 One O'clock

Made this very relaxed mix for the dudes over @ french blog One O'clock. Features a lot of things i've been feeling recently, as well as some tunes from fam Mark Aubert, Shlohmo, Raleigh Moncrief, and an unreleased Elan track. Also tossed up a joint from my new album :))))))))))))))

Drift W/ Me...

Listen Here : One O'Clock

D33J _ Intro
LONE _ Waves Imagination
Graveyard Productions _ Devil Shit
Mark Aubert _ Dntwnt2go
Conan Mockasin _ It’s Choade My Dear
Raleigh Moncrief _ Cast Out For Days
Shlohmo _ Wen uuu
Drake _ Over My Dead Body (D33J Drowned Radio Remix)
D33J _ Day Glow
Ghost Feet _ Crystal Pet Part 1
Elan _ And Then
Lone _ Drifting Off To Far

<3 D33J <3


  1. dope, always thought that lone track was a perfect closure to any mix

  2. that lone track is soooo clutch