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BAD VIBES release party

Been rehearsing like crazzze for this one. All live solo set performing Bad Vibes in its entirety. Guitar, vocals, bass, keys, drum pads, loop pedal, space echooo. On some one man band type shit. This is gonna be a very special night with support from some very special people. #matthewdavid, #teebs, #groundislava, #d33j. Hit + Run will also be doing screen printing in the lobby so you can get ur fav wedidit logo printed on your expensive dress. don't miss this one. but if you absolutely have to, it will be streaming live @ 9PM PST here on Yowie.



shlohmo - fine, thanks

just hit 10K followers on facebook, so i thought i'd prepare a little present. this should not be taken seriously. please. all the tracks are at least a year old, if not over 2 years old. but i still had some feelings for them and thought you guys might enjoy :) 9 tracks in all.

o and get ready for the bad vibes release party this friday @ the downtown independent in LA. i will be playing bad vibes live all the way through. that means loop pedal, guitar, bass, keys, vocals, and everything else. all on my lonesome. we'll see how it goes... video will be streaming live online. if it goes good, maybe i'll bring the live set to ur city 2 <3


Shlohmo-RL GRIME-Salva

In case you forgot, tomorrow night is the big show in NYC at Webster Hall. We got Shlohmo, RL GRIME, and big Salva dogg slam dunking on stage for your entertainment.


Come hang out with us all night Saturday and then stop by Sunday night for the after after party at Bedlam where me and RL GRIME are gonna be partyrocking till the break of whatever.


Kouta's First

The bud bud Kouta just made this fine mix and tossed some Groundislava and D33J up en et. very pleasant, relax jour ears.

1. Oval - Panorama
2. Junip - Loops
3. D33J - Sleeping Out
4. Toe - C
5. Opitope - a far room
6. Aoki Takamasa - Decent Frequency
7. Baths - Rain Smell
8. Yuk - Adept-ation for Dev
9. Piglet - Little Bubble, Where You Going?
10. Kouta - Granola
11. Groundislava - Trucks (Segue)
12. Greg Davis - Arbor


Thanks For The Love. Here's a Gift

Just wanted to give a bit of thank you gift for those who have been following my music so far. thank you thank you thank you, really appreciate all the love so far, means alot :)

Mooon by D33J

(: Download :) <--------------

Shlohmo - Fader Mix

just did a mix for Fader too. ;)

  Shlohmo's FADER Mix by The FADER

1. Cheree – Suicide
2. i dont know the name of this one – Double AC
3. Strange Girl – James Pants
4. All I Need Is Some Sunshine In My Life – Dixie Nightengales
5. Just Another Day (screwed off cassette) – Queen Latifah
6. Do You Want It Right Now (screwed off cassette) – Taylor Dayne
7. I Love… That You Know – Disclosure
8. Love Pressure – Sepalcure
9. The Look (Koreless Remix) – Jacques Greene
10. Juke Ya Girl – Threat Misses
11. Tire A Camisa – Denis DJ; MC Cabo
12. Lord Knows Best – Dirty Beaches
13. Ice Cream Man (chopped and screwed) – DJ Screw
14. Now I’m Hi – Three 6 Mafia
15. I Will Never See You Again – Purple
16. Fancy – Drake
17. Alice – Tom Waits


Raliegh Moncrief: Lament For Morning Video

If any of yew having been keeping with my fb posts or saw that lftf mix you'll notice i've mentioned Raleigh Moncrief quite a bit. The dude just released a video for his song 'Lament for Morning'. I like it. shared a few words with him earlier today, here's what he said:

"the video started as an experiment with fx and mood. i found some footage that i really liked and vibed well with the song and kinda mashed it up. i found some good footage from a cockpit cam and my friend sent me some footage from korea of a camera on a sushi carousel belt. my friend liz was on tour and we were gchatting a lot to keep in touch so i filmed her with my phone, and she's just this amazing muse and super beautiful so i had to get her in there to juxtapose with the funeral scene. i think the vibe worked out."

Make sure to look out for his album "Watered Lawn" out on Anticon Oct. 25th.

Raleigh Moncrief:


CMJ Ticket Giveaway for NYC 9/17

CMJ will be giving away 5 pairs of tickets for our Sep. 17th NYC show at the Studio At Webster Hall w/ me (Shlo), Salva, and RL Grime. Win those tickets HERE.


Jonwayne - I Dont Care Free Mixtape

Jonwayne dropped this free rap mixtape yesterday. Lots of lush Raps. He even SINGS on it. Its got some things from 2009, some things from 2010, and some things from 2011 even. a full fledge 18 tracks, 2 of which feature wedidit's own Zeroh. spread this around like the virus in that one generic zombie movie. or like when your stoned and you drop all the fish food in your pets bowl at once.


---> Download Here <----

Production Credits

WHEREamI - Jonwayne
Paranoia - Dizz1
FatBoyFace - Flying Lotus
Non-Living - Unknown
Just a Minute - Jonwayne
Experiment 17 - Jonwayne
Bus Stops - Flying Lotus
Pachabel - Flying Lotus
12345 - Dilla
Outsider’s Asylum - Dibiase
Palm - Dak
Asbestos - Dibiase
SBJW Boot - Samiyam
Kill the Spot - Dibiase
With a Child - Delofi
Paprika - Jonwayne and Zeroh
Story One - Jonwayne
Story Two - Jonwayne

Grapes Alla Vodka


Realized I haven't done a proper introduction on here and i figure now that i have some shit to give out, no better time than now.

First off, i'm going to be playing my debut live show along with the yung kings Shlohmo and Salva on Saturday, September 17 at Webster Hall in New York City. Don't sleep on this one if you're in the area. Peep event HERE


And, in light of this show coming up, I'm giving out my track Grapes Alla Vodka for FREE. peep below, download, upload, share, torrent, enjoy.


Expect more music in the form of originals, drake rmxs, etc.

<3 <3 <3

eLan and Illuminauts - Fullerton Sep 6th

I'll be playing a live set tonight at the Continental Room in Fullerton. I'm bringing the Illuminauts with me from San Diego, a very dope act that is a bit more live than most people are used to in the beat scene. They build their beats from scratch right on stage using samplers, keyboards, drum machines, records and looping pedals. Check out their track below...nuts!

Get there by 10pm. Check the facebook page for details.

<3 ~ eLan

Illuminauts - Animo!


The Syntheshredder

Long-time friend and collaborator Jesse Chorng is hard at work on his latest project. The interactive installation which he dubs "The Syntheshredder" is essentially a 20ft skate bowl with embedded sensors which will control a number of different hardware and software sound generating devices. Basically, it will be a synth unlike any other, played with a skateboard rather than your hands. Dope!

Check out the Syntheshredder in its early stages and hear what Jesse has to say about it:

One of the goals of the project is to bring in a number of different skater/producer combinations and create some unique music, ultimately pressing up these sonic creations onto a limited vinyl release. I'm really excited to work with him as a "Beat Consultant" for the project and see what kind of soundscapes we can come up with.

The Syntheshredder: Meet eLan from Jesse Chorng on Vimeo.

As of right now, the Syntheshredder is missing its noise-making guts. Jesse is working on raising the funding obtain the goods, so If you want to learn how you can help (and what kind of cool stuff you get for doing so), head on over to his Kickstarter page. He's getting pretty close to his funding goal but still needs some help.