Shlohmo - Fact Mix

Just did this here mix for Fact Magazine. I answered some questions too.

Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels (slowed and blowed mix)
Groundislava – Final Impasse
Charles Manson – Invisible Tears
Allure ft. Nas – Head Over Heels (slow) – cassingle
Three 6 Mafia – Stash Pot – Smoked Out, Loced Out
Asura – The Killing Moon (Echo and the Bunnymen cover) – shlohmo weirdo re-edit
Clipse ft. Bilal – Nightmares (slow) – Hell Hath No Fury
Salem – Release Da Boar – King Night
Monica – Sideline Ho (Chopped and Screwed)
Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross – White Sun – Blow EP
Excerpt from a dub cassette i found in a shoebox with my friend on mission st. san francisco.
Broken Sinead O’Connor cassette.
Big Mike – World of Mine (slow) – cassingle
The Weeknd – What You Need – House of Balloons
Karen O – Hello Tomorrow (slow) – audio rip from that adidas commercial from like 7 years ago or something
Tom Waits – Dirt in the Ground – Bone Machine
Shlohmo – Just Us – Bad Vibes

Benedek - That's My Jam! EP

Our good friend Benedek just released a great EP on Proximal Records. Straight funk wit tha man Dam Funk on the vocals. COP IT HERE OR WHEREVER ELSE U CAN.


Raid System Guest Mix #002 - eLan

New podcast for our Raid System homies out in Japan featuring new & unreleased music from some of my favorite artists & myself.


01. Little Dragon - Nightlight
02. eLan - Alligator Snaps
03. Balam Acab - My Boo (Ghost Town DJs)
04. Mike Gao - Run Before You Wake Up
05. Salva - That Girl (Pharrell ft. Snoop Dogg)
06. Crime Killz - Humansuit (Mike Gao Remix)
07. eLan - Foolish (Ashanti)
08. Ohbliv - Glaised
09. Illuminauts - Animo!
10. eLan - Wanna Be Down (Brandy)
11. mndsgn - It's Just 1 (Amerie)
12. 14KT - Cherished (Mawkus Loves Teedra Blend)
13. AbJo - That Supernatural Love
14. Lapalux - Luxurious (Gwen Stefani)
15. eLan - Mina
16. Pollyn - How Small We Are (eLan's Remix)



 My good friends in Oakland, Kate and Grace, made a wonderful stop motion vid to my song "Sink" off Bad Vibes. Many thanks 2 them for the hard work :)

The dudes over at TWODICKS made an incredible promo vid for the Satta Outside festival in Lithuania using my Gucci Mane remix. The Weeknd's been showin some luvv. <3

Dunno if u remember that remix i did of Drake's "Marvins Room," but Drake's label, October's Very Own, showed us some love with a post up on their blog. Much luvv to OVO.

Aaaaand, I'm about to be playin a lotta shows. Only US/Canada dates for now, but japan i see u, australia i see u, UK i see u, EU i see u. this next year's gonna be crazy. In the mean time, I'm doin a mini run with Salva, and then a 2 week tour with Starslinger and Shigeto. Hit the jump to view a list of these US/Canada shows....

eLan - Alligator Snaps EP

My new EP "Alligator Snaps" just came out today!

Pick it up at the Modeselektor web shop or iTunes. Oh and the vinyl will come out in the US mid-September if you want to save on shipping.


WeInterviewedIt: Evenings

I've been following Charlotteville based producer Nathan Broaddus aka Evenings, fairly closely since he dropped the North Dorm EP in June of last year. When I first heard the album, it was the soundtrack for the weeks that followed. The relaxed, organized rhythms fit quite perfectly with the lo-fi vocal samples, diced guitar, and grainy soundscape textures.

In his newest release Lately, Evenings emphasizes the soundscapes hinted at in North Dormand brings out a new arsenal of textures & melodies to create a lush collection of atmospheric tunes simply hard not like. Cassette textures and mic out-the-window soundscapes lay the backdrop for a palette of spacey bells and subtle synths accompanied by melodic guitar blips and riffs. My personal highlight is [I] Softly we Go, an 8 minute long dive into absolut bliss. The song starts as a mix of close plucked guitar, with a drippy sliding sine sound held together delicately by a sparse percussion. At its peak the song turns into a full fledge rhythmic ecstasy, cunningly short lived. Evenings then provides the song [II] leees later in the album for those aching for a taste of the beat again. This is album is bound to be in heavy rotation, a swell sophomore release. can't wait to hear what comes next. Keep reading below for our interview w/ Evenings.

Interview: Evenings

(Hit the jump to read the interview and listen/purchase his new album) >>>>


Shlohmo "Bad Vibes" OUT NOW ERRYWHERE

Fuck man. To everyone who's bought the album already, i thank u from the deep abyss of my heart. for everyone who gets it and feels it, thank u for bein with me. for everyone thats hurtin. for whatever reason, whatever u need it for, this is for u. if u thinkin bout the old stuff u cant have and the new stuff u dont want. if u thinkin bout her. if u thinkin bout how u dont wanna be thinkin. if shit is not all good. if u alone and want to be. i hope this can be there for u.
my favorite records are the ones that u dont play around other people. the shit u wouldnt put on at a party. but the shit u would burn for that somebody. thank u for understanding and stickin wit me. i appreciate all the luvv and support. U GUYS R 2 REAL 4 THIS WRLD. <3



hAm oN dA wEb

Wedidit boys going so in on Yowie for Shlohmo's Badvibes Album Release.
featuring sets by Benedek, Groundislava, Shlohmo, & Melonius Drunk.
If you missed out, for better or worse Yowie stashed the Archive.
probably for worse.