Tonight Man

Whats good man. Listen live tonight to a 4 hour block on East Village Radio, where me Shlohmo, RL Grime, and DJ Glover will be curing hangovers and spitting at girls from inside the glass studio on 1st and 1st. New Jams, Unreleased Jams, Whatever Jams, I see you man Jams.
Lets get it


here's a weird Brandy remix I've been rocking in my live set


late notice! LA dudes come out to Low End tonight, I'm playing a set of originals with Austin Peralta on keys - there will be LASER SOUNDS and i will be wearing a LAKERS HAT probably.

other sets by teebs, strangeloop, and more. celebrating strangeloop's new a/v album FIELDS, i'll be posting the remix i did for him in the next couple of days (or you can find it by exploring the INTERACTIVE WEBSITE / PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE created by dave and gavin).


D33J's 1rst Words + New Mix

Just made a mix for the crew over at Live For the Funk.
features allot of things that ive been digging recently +
some tunes that i be on all da time.

Drake – Marvin’s Room (D33J 6am Remix)

Burial – Stolen Dog

Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie

Lone – The Birds Don’t Fly This High

Cupp Cave – Mind Bones

Groundislava – The Dig

Gold Panda – Marriage

Mt Kimbie x Rl Grime – Carbonated x Die 4 Me

Raleigh Moncrief – Lament for Morning

Asap Rocky- Peso

Along with the mix the featured my first interview! peep peep peep


D33J: Drowning Pools [Unofficially Swell]


someone just made a video for drowning pools.
chill vibes all around.
to the author, i sayeth thank you.

you can more hear more from "Tide Songs" here


Marvin's Room (Shlohmo's thru tha floor remix) - Drake

  Marvin's Room (Shlohmo's thru tha floor remix) - Drake by shlohmo 

>>>>wanted to thank everyone so huge for all the luvv on that burial remix. <333

i forgot i had this drake remix lyin around. this is seriously one of my fav songs of the year, if not ever. if youre one of those people that hates on pop music because you wear a backpack or smthing then plz chill out. try and appreciate shit even if u have to forget the context sometimes. good music is good music and u don't have to front and pretend it's below ur intellectual level. can u feel me? much <3 guys. even if u wear backpacks like me ;)


Burial - Shell of Light (Shlohmo remix)

  Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix) - Burial by shlohmo

been workin on this for the past few days. i just really couldn't stop listening to the ending of "shell of light." shit is so beautiful. so i did this so i could listen to it more. hope u like it ::)

o and my album comes out in a lil less than a month :'))

Parting Gifts: A New D33J Tape

Ey Yo.

Gonna Dip for a few weeks round South/Eastern Europe so not sure ill have to much time for recording/ working on finishing the next EP. wanted to give you guys something thats been overdue for a while now. This tape was recorded in the now deceased 'Traphouse", where a gang of hooligans used to skate inside, make neon colored rice, screenprint weed leaf underwear, watch rivers edge on the bigscreen, get visits from the peoples champ on a regular basis, learn to tattoo, host swedish girls on vacation, and serve as a forum for pointless debates about which strain is better // among other things. These recordings are composed almost entirely live using my SP/DR 202's, with some live remixes/looping and some drunken jams w/ my boy Shlohmo. I don't usually record to tape, but when I do, I make sure im drunk. Thanks for listening.

- D33J

1752A by D33J


NoMaps - Mndsgn

Buy this. Trust me.

Slack CD

So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that mayyybe 5 people give a shit, but we pressed Slack on some real physical CD's. Hold em, bend em, squeeze em, throw em, bop em... whatever. Features a secret track and comes with a pin!!!!!1 If yer into that sort of thing, check it out over at the fresh HW&W online store (with lots of other cool stuff for sale too)!

Glover Junior

Been meaning to post about my good homie Glover Junior for a while now.
Tracy is originally from Los Angeles but now lives in New York Djing a few different nights a week and making music in between. Check out the joints posted below

New Mark Aubert + Bluezr

Here's an hour fresh release from wedidit familiars BLUEZR and Mark Aubert. welcome to the dusty side of life. prepare to get weird. listen below