Lotide Video For BNJM - One Sea (Lukid Remix)

My dude lotide (the kid behind the wavE 'Sleeping Out' Remix) put together this swell video for BNJM's - One Sea (Lukid Remix). prepare your eyes for heavy strobing feedback and some pulsating pastels, enjoy.

just ask the dude to give me a quick brief during a fb chat sesh on the process:

"I'd been working with televisions a lot and thought the tune called for a good synesthetic kinda thing, with lots of nice color combinations and quick movements."


Ahnnu - Street Fitness

I come across a lot of "Beat Tapes" these days and I have no problem admitting that after a while they all start to blend together. Every now and then I'll get lucky and find a standout. Well actually in this case the standout found me.

Chocolate Milk Crew's Ahnnu sent me the link to his new project "Street Fitness" this morning. I've been following the DC via Richmond, Virginia producer for a couple years now. The sample-heavy project is a departure from his recent synth-based work, but the quality and creativity remains through and through. Expect a lot of interesting drum loops, soul and jazz samples.

Here is one of my favorite tracks "Thought". Head on over to his bandcamp to hear&download the rest. Oh yeah, did I mention its free??

Obviously the


WeInterviewedIt: Cupp Cave

Just shared a few words over with Belgium based producer Cupp Cave, who's churning out some of the smoothest stuff ive heard in a while. First heard this during Matthew David's dublab set last week, and have had this album on repeat ever since. Cupp Caves tracks are tinted with a haze of some early 90's rave party you never went to, filled with washy chords and enough synth stabs to make you bleed goosebumps slime all over your old air force jauns. Cupp Cave's Dice Pool EP drops June 13th on Vlek Records. Act quick should you want a copy, With a limit of a 300, these are gonna disappear faster than the ecstasy you'll take dancing to it.

Photo: Emile Sacré 2011

WeinterviewedIt: Cupp Cave


27. Male. Liege, Belgium.

Could you give us a brief overview of your process?

Process is simple. I make tunes cause that's pretty much all i can do.
Im easily bored so i never spend more than a few hours on a track.
Lots of ideas never see the light of day that way but i cant help it.

What gear do you use?

I mainly use a computer with a few different softwares. Once again im
easily bored so i often switch from one software to another. Sp 303 is
my buddy. And i try to go and record some analog synths at friends
when i feel like touching old things.

How did you get involved with Vlek?

I know those guys for quite a while now. Got introduced to them via
Hermutt Lobby. My first album got released on Thin Consolation, then
Vlek got born. I call them my friends now.

Upcoming projects?

Ssaliva on Surf Kill soon. Surf Kill is a label we run with Dynooo and
Wesley C. Im quite excited working on Ssaliva live set right now. Then
a few Cupp Cave's here and there, prolly on Surf Kill as well. Split
with Wanda Group, and a top secret UFO related thing.

Any one we should check out?

Midnight Galaxy, Dalcym, Sagat, Jerry Seinfeld, Wanda Group, Leaving
Records and those labradors eating like humans on youtube.

You Can Listen to the Dice Pool EP Here.


D33J - Sleeping Out (Lotide Remix)

The Buddy Lotide in San Diego did a remix for Sleeping Out a minute ago,
Thought i'd share. Hopefully part of a Tide Song Remix Comp in some near future.

Free Download: D33J - Sleeping Out (Lotide Remix)

Peep His Lush Stuffs Here


Rock Dove

My buddy Hank May makes some raw folky kinda shit that's hell of beautiful. It's probably under some specific genre that I'm unaware of as a result of the fact that I only listen to shitty electronic music and tim mcgraw. You guys should really check him out, though. mad dope.

this is his bandcamp.


eLan - Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp EP

My debut on Monkeytown records just dropped yesterday. The EP is available for download on iTunes or Modeselektor in addition to a psyched out 12" vinyl. For now the vinyl is only available in Europe but it should make it our way in the next week or two via Forced Exposure

Here's a little blend with one of the tracks on there:
Good High vs Three 6 Mafia


WeInterviewedIt: Bluezr

The first time i heard this stuff was through a friend and no stranger to wedidit himself, Mark Aubert, when he pulled out some dusty tapes during a visit at his old burned house (RIP). If you've ever listening to something lo-fi and been like "shit bro, that lo-fi", you know not of what i speak. These recordings areso dusty and rich, listening to his work feels like your uncovering some chopped reality of late night am radio and stacks of aged vinyl the dust bunnies didn't want you to find out about.

Dakota Greaves aka Bluezr, is a very elusive guy. The best indication that he's still alive is to check his site every so often, in which you'll find a new mixtape faster than some people can spell "ihopehe'stillhere." You'll find that his heartbeat monitor is pulsing alive and well with so much great stuff out there its hard to know where to start. Some of my personal favorites are his new pyschotronic mixtape, as well the previous eurisko release. below you'll find a few words exchanged with the dude, and thoughts on his process.

Bluezr Mini Interview



How long have you been producing?

well, i've been experimenting with music for about 9 years.

How long have you been making "Beats" during that?

Probably 7 years. Before beats i just fucked around with a 4 track and guitar, then discovered some techniques to turn my dual cassette deck into an infinite track.


boss SP-202, sanyo dual cassette deck, record player.

Damm thats raw. what would say is your current music process?

listen to a lot of music for a period of time, then get very inspired and spend a few days knocking out a tape. I also do this type of music, because its like i'm part of this conversation with all these dope musicians. Like i get to be the producer for all these legends. I get to tell billy cobham to play at 90 bpm, while janko nilovic composes an orchestra hit, and bobbi humphrey plays a flute riff. Its like my brain is a transceiver, a huge mixer, and puts these people together.

I know you record to cassette tape, why tape?

I have always recorded to cassette, i grew up on tapes and never had a problem with quality, etc. they're just awesome, i can record any piece of music from almost any medium to cassette and slap it in my walkman or put in a friends car stereo. i can rock a boombox while playing basketball or kicking it with friends in a park. it just works ya know. the reason i record to cassette is because my computer set up is super ghetto and because of that infinite track thing i was talking about.

Lastly, Anyone we should check out?

mark aubert, lukman, eprom be pf, bcop, faire revival, electric sunset, and carrier.

Thanks Duuuude.

psychotronic by bluezr

To Find More Info On Bluezr, Peep Dez Links Below.





New Thing For You, Made Today

Made This new thing over the last 24 hours.
its a sexy soup of computer mic, bogus ass tambura,
emo singing, youtube r&b, and my drum machine.

bonus points if you can name the drums flip.
bonus points if you bang to it.
extra points if you dont care.
we don't either.



Props to Jessica Tai on the Photo. Peep This Lady's Work Here.

if you like what hear, like this 2.