!!bLuNt FaNg!!

For those who have been reading the blog for a while the name Supreeme might mean something to you. The ATL group broke up a wh ile back and my homie Negashi sent me all of the mixtapes his group had made over the years so I put them on the blog a while back. Negashi's been working on some crazy solo shit for a minute now under the alias Blunt Fang, and recently dropped this video for Crystal Power.


Get Grimey

Been digging the "Clipz Ep" NY based RL Grime dropped a few days ago. Over at Live For The Funk you can find an interview/free ep/mix that's more than enough material to get this kid on your playlist. "Go Head" is reminiscent of the good ol days of techno i missed pissing my pants as a kid. "Die 4 Me"'s vocal chops and warm synths breakdown into an epic buildup, making the track as plump as they come. All in all a solid ep and strong debut, deffs see more of this dude in the future.

The EP also features a wavy remix i did for "Die 4 Me", which you can nab in the free download.


Jonwayne "Bowser" out on iTunes and Boomkat!



Alright, guys, here it is. My first official album!

I'm so incredibly excited to finally have an album for sale and available to everyone. Bowser has taken a while to make and I'm super proud of it.

Please, cop this. I'm trying to do vinyl later if the album does well enough.

Also want to thank all yous guys for your support as well as the Wedidit clique, who brought me in the mix a bit later than everyone else yet I still feel quite at home, here. All of this has created a nice environment for me to work and I appreciate it!


Groundislava Debut LP now out on Vinyl or Digital!

My album is officially out today! Been about a year in a making!

It's 14 tracks and includes remixes from heads like Clive Tanaka and Young Montana.

You can buy it on itunes or boomkat (http://boomkat.com/downloads/397754-groundislava-groundislava) for the digital copy

conversely, you can purchase it on vinyl. The 12" vinyl is all red and includes a 7" gold vinyl with a few additional tracks!

It's available on the Tall Corn website for purchase, and should be shipping very soon.


Thanks for all the support guys, if you like my music, please buy my album :) :) :)


Shlohmo YoursTruly Interview and Remix

A few weeks ago, the good dudes at Yours Truly came to my apartment in SF to do a lil interview and film me recording a song. We talked about a whole bunch of everything. Creative process, my new album, living in SF and whatever. I ended up recording a remix of my single, "Places," while they were there. Redid all the vocal and guitar parts and everything in between, and it turned into something else. You can watch the interview above and download the remix here (via XLR8R).
Much luv 2 Yours Truly for doin all this ::))

D33J - Tide Songs EP Free Download

Coming together with my wedidit bretheren on dis one right here. This my first ever public release, entitled "Tide Songs". Really hope you guys feel me on this one, spent many an hour creating this for you. let me know how it makes you feel, if you get wet, wavy, angry, confused etc. Expect many more free things in the future, life is good.


eLan - Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp EP

My first "official" solo release will be coming out on Monkeytown Records May 13. Check out a preview below:

eLan "Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp EP" (MONKEYTOWN 012) OUT MAY 13 by Modeselektor