Jonwayne - I Dont Care Free Mixtape

Jonwayne dropped this free rap mixtape yesterday. Lots of lush Raps. He even SINGS on it. Its got some things from 2009, some things from 2010, and some things from 2011 even. a full fledge 18 tracks, 2 of which feature wedidit's own Zeroh. spread this around like the virus in that one generic zombie movie. or like when your stoned and you drop all the fish food in your pets bowl at once.


---> Download Here <----

Production Credits

WHEREamI - Jonwayne
Paranoia - Dizz1
FatBoyFace - Flying Lotus
Non-Living - Unknown
Just a Minute - Jonwayne
Experiment 17 - Jonwayne
Bus Stops - Flying Lotus
Pachabel - Flying Lotus
12345 - Dilla
Outsider’s Asylum - Dibiase
Palm - Dak
Asbestos - Dibiase
SBJW Boot - Samiyam
Kill the Spot - Dibiase
With a Child - Delofi
Paprika - Jonwayne and Zeroh
Story One - Jonwayne
Story Two - Jonwayne


  1. Crazy three-in-a-row raptastic

    Pachabel - Flying Lotus
    12345 - Dilla
    Outsider’s Asylum - Dibiase

  2. link dead. Can we get a new one? Is it available anywhere?

  3. word. a new link would be appreciated