Shlohmo - Bad Vibes

Hey guys. I know it's been fuckin forever and I owe all of u big things that i may or may not be able to provide. my presence on here has been lacking as fuck to say the least. it's been a busy few months, what can i say. expect an even larger update some time soon (promise).

buuut in the mean time... I'd like to announce my proper debut LP, Bad Vibes, which will be released on the Friends of Friends label August 9th. It's been a little over a year in the making, and i've worked pretty god damn hard on this thing. shit, i dropped out of college to make it.

so below, you'll find the cover art (by me) and the tracklist for the LP. i'm so god damn excited to be sharing this info witchoo and i can't wait til you guys get to hear it. i'm not gonna say too much. this whole process has been a huge departure for me and i can't thank yall enough for stickin wit me. luv yall <3

1. Big Feelings
2. Places
3. Anywhere But Here
4. It Was Whatever
5. Parties
6. Just Us
7. Sink
8. I Can't See You I'm Dead
9. Trapped In A Burning House
10. Get Out
11. Your Stupid Face
12. Seriously
13. Same Time

So as a token of my appreciation for all u mutherfuckers, i prepared a lil remix joint of some of these remixes you might have heard and wanted to get your hands on sometime in the past year. this includes the Wacka Flocka "Hard in Da Paint" remix, Kelis "Milkshake" remix, and Gucci "I'm Da Shit" remix. spread the good word, TP a fuckin house, and have a good summer. it's gonna be fucked up. <3


  1. thaanks! been waiting for this! just made my day :) ps: love your cover art!

  2. wicked news on the LP and many thanks for the free d/l remixes!

  3. fuck college, make history

  4. Hell yes this made my day

  5. remixes vol.2 what about remixes vol.1??

  6. swag, yo def hit up dc again,u street crowd was odd as fuck but yo u were swaggin

  7. wakawakawaka!!! You deserve thats comin2you!

  8. swagg
    see you at the knitting factory

  9. that cover art is retarded, how many seconds did that take?

  10. go make some more loops and put them on soundcloud or smthng.

    but thanks for all the kind words guys

  11. yfw, soundcloud was how i found out about your music

  12. probably my most anticipated LP at the moment. i'm digging your Places EP so much man, it's great

  13. yo just saying dude
    shit's sick and stay with, it but really man
    drake's my dude and you gotta do yourself a favor
    and stop bitin his shit
    no disrespect
    just saying drake has been doin this thing way bigger
    and for way longer and i just don't know what your trying to prove
    from your homegrown funk'd out collective
    rise up
    Big W

  14. hey

    really like your tunes. have you heard of flying lotus? you guys should get together!


    sarah peppertits

  15. sick, thanks for the update. Really looking forward to the EP.

  16. go make some more loops and put them on soundcloud or smthng.
    or smthng.
    or smthng.
    or smthng.
    for reaaal

  17. just bought 'bad vibes' man. Have been following you since Shomoshun Deluxe. I am a massive music nerd and your album bad vibes completely blew me away. I would say it is the most original and beautiful release of this year. You are an artist. keep it up dog.

  18. http://i715.photobucket.com/albums/ww154/shane65006/haters-gonna-hate-batman-rollerblading.jpg

    Sick sounds my man, this is a really great LP. Been playin' nonstop in my neighborhood.

    spot on.

  20. really like your tunes. have you heard of flying lotus? you guys should get together! you'd make a really cute couple!

  21. mediocre at best

  22. any chance you could reup the dl link for those sick and seductive remixes?