2010 was chill

i didnt like much, but i liked these. a lot.

How To Dress Well - Love Remains
James Blake - Klavierwerke
Salem - King Night
Mount Kimbie - Crooks and Lovers
Baths - Cerulean
Toro Y Moi - Causers of This
Gonjasufi - A Sufi And A Killer
Lil B - Blue Flame
Young L - Young L-E-N


Shlohmo Beat CD


It's right about noon oclock on christmas (im jewish i dont give a fuck about your inside tree holiday) so these beat CD's are now available. a handmade stack of 20 CDRs i made at the end of '09 (before i added the extra h in my name, so all the cd's say shlomo). all unreleased stuff. definitely not reflective of the newer stuff i've been making, but i figured since folks still dig it, i'd let yall grab it up anyway. hope this will tide you guys over while i finish recording my debut LP. enjoy :))

  • digital version via bandcamp (the CD's will probably sell out quicks as there are only 20):

hope this is agreeable. comment or hit me on facebook/twitter if you have any problems purchasing. much holiday love ::)

Happy Chrimbus

There's no art so I'm just going to stick this big fucking Bert Stare right here.

Here's a remix I'm giving out in spirit of the one and only holiday, Chrimbus. May Winter Man inspect your whet bush and grant you a DVD of some sort.

There's no art so I'm just going to stick this big fucking Bert Stare right here.

There's no art so I'm just going to stick this big fucking Bert Stare right here.

There's no art so I'm just going to stick this big fucking Bert Stare right here.


≈happy holidayz≈ from the w∑d1d1† guyz

G7 University

Here at where.eva the hell we are, we suQ at pushin our own sh!t because its hard to give a d4mn when the isness is already flooded with enough junQ as it is. Given the digital circumstance I feel less guilty droppin data into ya brainz as opposed to the nearest trash can on the Venice boardwalk so...

G7 University is some stuff about some stuff that you would know about if you listen to it. Call it the relaunch of my personal blog site -aptly named. I wrote all the lyrics, except for this one line in "Camera Day" that I jacked from "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" wutduzitmeeeaan!?!? -iono

It came about from these:

(The Mndsgn Joint was from the man himself, hence no parentheticals)

I admit, I was a little worried about puttin sh!t like this out; that maybe Flying Lotus, KNX, or Judy Garland would show up in my nightmares and eat whats left of my will to share, but all of a sudden I got amnesia and did it anyway. It's slowly coming back to me... like karma.

Anyway G7U is free. Thats right, made no money... in fact I spent it. Hella electricity eq.n this b!+ch and gas for quality nanoseconds with humans to gain the experiences necessary to say something of value. I'm about 70 under. I'm a legend on planet golf,Tiger's wife just left my quarters, I've betrayed my race, gotta black eye, and I'm satisfied. My last girlfriend was right... skinny white women - who woulda thought.

Oh! My sista DANA just hit me up asking if I'd like to do a video for the Camera Day joint... Nothing I've done before so I said sure, why not... Hers came out nice.


Pop Massacre - Friends of Friends

lazy dudes don't even post theyown music. if you know things, you probably have this already. but if not, get it HERE for free. it's nice.



Sorry to be lame, guys

I just made a groundislava facebook page and twitter... just want people to know!

follow me or whatever you kids do




Psaul - Catch U (eLan's Remix)

The other day on twitter, Swedish beat fanatic Erik L sent out the link to a remix contest for this track "Catch U" by Psaul (Paul MacInnes & Stray). Usually when I do a remix, I just throw the acappella over a beat I already have. This time I tried a more organic approach and built the beat around the acappella. Download with the little arrow on the side of the player.

Psaul - Catch U (eLan's remix) by eLan




Word, so it's been a minute since I've checked in. First, Let me get these two mixes out of the way:

Really excited about this one. Kev asked me back in June to take part in their monthly podcast series, which happens to be my favorite. Nobody rips it up, I showcase a new verse and then play some new stuff of mine. Check it out.

This one is considerably more laid back in every way compared to the Low End mix. I put this together live at Dublab a few months ago and they were sitting on it until the right time, so here it is. It's mostly comprised of older instrumentals of mine, with a couple from friends as well as one from Mike Jones. Cheers.



So, I've been in the studio for the past couple months working on rap music. I can't say too much but I can say that there will be a mix/tape where I am rapping over unofficial instrumentals.

Also, just finished and getting mastered within the end of the month is a special instrumental release focusing on some more experimental things...that's all I will say. Expect a release early next year.

Oh, and debut rap album. In the works.

That's it.



Shlohmo/RasG/Shigeto live in PDX

Just played a fun ass show in PDX a little over a week ago with Shigeto, Ras G, Starkey and some more doots. Good times. Playin some new tunes that you can't have yet ;) All vids by the homie Aaron Meola.

Here's some of Ras' Set:

And my dude Shigeto. amazing amazing drumming guy:



MD | 11042010 from Leaving Records on Vimeo.