Homeboy Pat Brown has some ill rhymes I thought I'd show yall

A few rough tracks from the homeboy Pat Brown.

the first and third tracks have the homie Dr. Lahma on production, and I think the second is some kanye beat

but anyways, here's the tracks.


Pat Brown by Pat Brown

you can hit em up at brown.patrick1988@yahoo.com for some smooth conversation

Ackryte x AL_PD

are you shitting me.

Ackryte x AL_PD - Untitled by ackryte



Project Mooncircle - The Moon Comes Closer

So this compilation called The Moon Comes Closer dropped today, featuring my track mbira spirit. has lotsa cool beats from a lotta cool dudes. if you're one of those folks with a big boner for vinyl, this one's for you!

This is a story about a young Russian girl named Jinna Morocha who had a vision of one day flying to the Moon.

Many years ago during the hard times of life in Moscow, the young girl saw the Moon consciously for the first time and at that very moment the dream began. These vivid thoughts remained in her mind and she started to ask herself “How can I get to the Moon?“. Soon she found the label Project: Mooncircle over the internet and told them her story, at once she saw a chance to come a few steps closer to her dream. By now Jinna lived in Germany and it was possible for her and the label to meet, her key question was “Can you bring me to the Moon?“. The answer was a faltering “No, but maybe we can let you fly to the Moon in your mind. Let’s build the soundtrack to this vision, close your eyes, clear your thoughts and let us begin on your journey“. That was the beginning of “The Moon Comes Closer“, come embark upon this voyage with us lead by the next level soundscapes of:

Robot Koch, fLako, Pavel Dovgal, I.D. 4 Windz, John Robinson, Lambent, Nienvox, Juj, Mr Cooper, MyOwn, Long Arm, Daisuke Tanabe, Graciela Maria, Scienz Of Life, Andy Kayes, Abnormal, Capella, Comfort Fit, Kan Sano, Gards From KC, Puzzle, Sense of The Q4, Sotu The Traveller, V. Raeter, Himuro Yoshiteru, Skyence, Dexter, Portformat, 40 Winks, Dela, Brazzaville & Killing Skills.

Available at Rush Hour and other distributors. Preview some a these shits on bandcamp. Also for reference, if you're tryna get to the moon NASA might be a better look than a record label, but this is a start.


Klipkast no. 9 - Shlohmo guest mix

Our colleagues of the Klipmode family have been doing a weekly podcast series featuring guest mixes from dudes and dudettes around the globe. #thaswasup. My guest mix was just posted today as the 9th installment of this Klipkast series. Check it out:

klipkast #9 - guest mix by Shlohmo


>>>>This week’s guest is our homie Shlohmo aka Henry Laufer. He hails from the Wedidit Collective, also harboring ridiculously dope artists (just naming a few) like Elan, Juj, and Ground is Lava. Henry’s been a big influence/friend of the krew for some time now and we’re excited to hear the next project. Enjoy the mix!

And we let him explain the mix in his own words.

“this is just a collection of songs that i’ve been listening to a lot recently. playing out the whole tracks for the most part. i dont really give two shits about ‘cool’ transitions. i’d rather hear good music. so i hope that’s agreeable. much love.”

Cheers Henry.

———-> DOWNLOAD KAST #9 <————-


Poly - Funeral
Aphex Twin - IZ-US
Devin The Dude - Doobie Ashtray (Screwed and Chopped)
Salem - Snakes
James Blake - Tell Her
Nite Jewel - Suburbia
Bibio - Haikuesque (When She Laughs)
Washed Out - Luck
Dub Specialist - Dub It Easy (dragged)
Tom Waits - The Earth Died Screaming
Dog Bite - Take Your Time
Mount Kimbie - Vertical
Express Rising - Capsize



UP NEXT: Nov 30th Morpheground guestmix

Until next time.





Toro Y Moi - Fax Shadow (Shlohmo Remix)

Got damn i feel like every time i post i'm apologizing for the lack of posts. so i won't do that anymore.

Most of you prolly have this already, but if you don't, i did a remix of Toro Y Moi's "Fax Shadow." it's been doin it's rounds on the interwebs and recently got posted to pitchfork. so you can download it theeerrrreeee. much love to chaz for sending me the stems to this beautiful song. appreciate it :))) enjoy!


Who Knew?

Secret Team Meetings
Shlohmo X Bieber
We Did It

Modeselektions Vol 1: eLan - Pussy Posse

**eLan and Shlohmo perform this Saturday in San Francisco, check my facebook page for details. **

Now on to the main event, new track release!

Following a rather random series of events, one of my tracks has been featured in electronic super-group Modeselektor's latest offering, "Modeselektions Vol 1"

The 18 track release is the first in a series of hand-selected, unreleased tracks from producers around the world. The first volume focuses on the “progression of Dubstep’s offsprings and related or unrelated, but similar sounding Techno producers in London, Berlin or elsewhere.” I would say my track Pussy Posse (below) fits into the "unrelated, but similar sounding" category, but who really cares right?

So how the hell did Modeselektor find me anyway? Well, one day back when people still used Myspace, I got a message from Oliver Input asking if he could use one of my tracks from Magnificent Mistakes, "I Can't Breathe" for this video:

Somehow Modeselekor saw the video, got in touch with Oliver who forwarded them to me, and the rest is history.

Available for purchase now at various European outlets, in the USA tomorrow (mp3) and Nov. 23rd (CD).