New Remix by Groundislava

Yo what's really guud, though.

I'm here to bring my latest work, the pinnacle of my creative efforts, the dénouement, if you will, for the recent apocalypse, the recent contact with sentient extraterrestrial life, and the recent assassination of many of the greatest world leaders. I'm just glad to be alive after the tsunami that hit Los Angeles yesterday and I thought "hey, what better way to celebrate then to make a remix of a rap song no one gives a shit about?"

here you go

I Bet I Do (GIL REMIX) by Groundislava

and the instrumental if you dont like rap music (get with the times asshole)

Flawed Fortress (I bet I do remix instrumental) by Groundislava



The Dene Road - Whin Sill

EY. Check out our friend The Dene Road's new cassette Whin Sill over on Wigflip Records! It's on some mellow, subdued beats to fall asleep to kinda shit. Highly recommended. And there's a cross-atlantic-jamsesh Juj x DeneRoad collabo on there. AND Young Montana? is up in the mix. Dun get much better than that. I really put our Revolutionary War differences aside to work with these redcoats, so give it a listen. Worth your time.


Wedidit Packages

Remember these?

I wanted to give an update on the whole deal. If you placed a paypal order sometime in the past few weeks (*with t-shirt size indicated!) and have been wondering where your package is, it will be shipped this weekend. Also, apologies for the big delay, but a lot of this process has been out of my hands and I just started managing these orders personally this week. Plus I mean, we're handling business, but you gotta expect a little lag (the tape is fuckin called Slack).

And to clarify, the shirt sizes we carry are: S, M, L, XL
-*Sorry to all the big dog supporters out there (XXL/XXXL)! I had no idea you existed. On any future runs you will be accommodated. For now I think you've all been contacted personally.

So we have sold many, but still have some left... if you were on the fence about it, I suggest copping sooner rather than later! (and PLEASE indicate your shirt size, please)
*for any questions hit up: huhwhatandwhere@gmail.com

Lastly, big big thanks to HW&W Recordings for making this all possible. I have a feeling not many people know what's up with HW&W, but trust me, they will be responsible for some ill music in the coming months/years. OK I think that about covers it, fuck. Peace!


eLan - Bleep Blooper

As some of you may remember, in addition to beats & sounds I've been getting interested in video & visuals. Here's a video/beat piece I was messing with:


Gonjasufi - Love of Reign (eLan's Remix)

You may have already heard Shlohmo's "Change" remix on the offical Gonjasufi remix album. My remix of "Love of Reign" is far from official, but perhaps with the help of some of you readers it can get a little closer!

vote here: http://remix.sufisays.com/191 (its easy! no sign up required)

Love of Reign (eLan's Remix) by eLan

aint no jonny salami

sorry for lack of posts recently. been busy per usual smoking weed and sitting down. no i actually have been in a few different cities these past few weeks playin some shows. it's been nice other than the assholes in seattle that snatched my fake ID at the venue i was fucking playing at. FUCK YOU. so now i can't pretend i'm an adult for the next 3 months.

Anyway, there's a ton of shit i wanted to share, but didn't have the time cuz i was busy refreshing my facebook homepage or something.

First things first. the homie Mark Aubert finally drops his mix for BTS Radio. this shit is skr8 butter. loops for days.

Then there's this fuckin How To Dress Well video by Yours Truly. cannot stop listening. one of the best R Kelly covers. i actually wish i knew of more R Kelly covers. dunn matter. this shit is so heavy.

And then there's this remix i did of Jed and Lucia's "April Showers" available for download over @ XLR8R.

and theeeen, this just came out on CD. It's called Shlomoshun Redux. it's Shlomoshun Deluxe + Camping EP compiled on to 1 CD with artwork from both. lookin real groovy. so if you missed out on the vinyl, you can still get some physicals. i'll have some available at the next few shows as well.


Bahwee - Flavors

Remember Bahwee? ...I know, it took me a minute too. Well he just released Flavors over on My Hollow Drum, the second 'official' release of the MHD imprint. It's a lot of that mellow chill out shit.

I would never tell him this to his face, but I have listened to this track roughly a million times:

He's slangin this one for $7, but as he puts it, "If money is the only thing preventing you from copping this, well, then look hard enough and you'll find a link."