Juj - Slack

Yooo. Take this shit with a grain of salt! A couple of em are cool.

So I think WEDIDIT's been gettin a lot of love lately, which is great. This tape is free, but if you wanna rep the sounds/support/be cool, then there will be some limited packages for sale (50 to be exact) of a WEDIDIT shirt and sticker, HW&W pin, and a hand-numbered CD of some B-side Juj random tracks (as if that's tight for anyone). Check it all out here!

*9/29/10 Paypal is now up and running. Order em up today!
**It's just clicking a mouse, no paper $ involved. It's like it's not even real... don't think about it, just do it.
dooooo it.



really excited about this one - our good friend Edwin (not to be confused with the dude zeroh) has a lil project goes by NOVA, and i'm happy to announce the first NOVA release, a compilation entitled "Illumination!" featuring work from (waves:delicious) and Chris Adams, both of whom have been featured on the blog with their elegantly composed sonic stylings. i contributed 3 brand new tracks (peep "howlamme" below), as did the other talented brethren.

we were gonna try to sell it but fuck that business - anyways we woulda each made about 7 bucks after splitting it up, so with Edwin's permission, here's a free link for yall: 
Illumination! - tell your guru bout it.


Download "Sippy Cup" @ SF Weekly

One of my tracks from the Camping EP is up for download over @ SF Weekly. Thanks for the shout out before Decibel guys.

By the way, my Decibel showcase is Friday night with fuckin Modeselektor, Mount Kimbie, Teebs, Headhunter, and more. It's gonna be fuckin bananas.

photo by Melonious (SharonStoned)
Shlohmo - Sippy Cup by FoFMusic


No John Lennon

Yung Based God goes over How To Dress Well's "Ready for the World."
Please don't let them kill me jesus.

Download the track



BAHWEE - Headnodders Vol. ii

Before I knew Bahwee, I heard oneTRACKMIND back in '08, and I was tripping shit over it. I was all, "o whaaat, this guy's probably cool." Then I actually got to know him and realized he's just a damn fool. Today, Sept. 12 2010, Bahwee makes history by dropping Headnodders Vol. ii, a free collection of "some shitty shit," which you can grab over on My Hollow Drum. He hates being talked up will probably be pissed if this gets a lot of attention. Listen to this:


Dope New Royksopp Video

Peep this shit. Fuckin siiiiick.


It's been a while since I posted on the blog
I've been couch surfing in New York with no internet
My friends Ted and Richie of The Willowz and Baby Fangs
started another project called
The whole release is up for free download at their Band Camp page
This album has been heavy in my rotation for the last week
Sup New York



Mike Gao - Vocal Beater App

Whenever I help my grandparents post some shit on craigslist or whatever, they're convinced that I'm a tech-genius. I think the same shit went down when Mike Gao came to my house the other day and fixed my gnarly MIDI latency in about 4 seconds. Wasn't shit to him, but that dude lowkey changed the fucking game for me. Support this don dude and buy his crazy Vocal Beater App!! This one's for our resident british beatboxer Shlomo.


50tyson - Can I be the one (I can slow you down) [GIL remix]

Decided to remix a 50tyson video

my boy Marco did the visuals

here's the original