Elaquent - Persona OUT NOW

Elaquent finally dropped his new LP 'Persona' yesterday, and I've been eagerly awaiting this one. For those unfamiliar, Elaquent aka eQ makes some swinged out bangin hip hop beats to please fans of Dilla or Dibiase, but with a swagger all his own. Seriously, it did not take much listening for this dude to jump into at least my top 10 favorite producers. His 'In Colour' beat tapes are straight crack, and don't just take my word for it:

Elaquent - In Colour Vol. 2
Elaquent - In Colour Vol. 3

Highly recommended shit--do not sleep on these. Dude has put out some top quality free music, so support eQ on his latest effort Persona, available on iTunes. Here's one good reason to purchase:
Childs Play by Elaquent


WEDIDIT TEAM fitted caps

Just pressed

WEDIDIT caps customized for me and Melonius

Peep the ill GIL namesake on the side.


Shlohmo - Camping EP available now

Hey hey, my new EP, Camping, is available now on Boomkat. Should be available elsewhere soon for digital purchase as well. Scoop it up and spread the word!

Preview the tracks below. (Purchase also comes with a digital booklet of a few of my collages to accompany the cover)

Read full review of Camping EP - Shlohmo on Boomkat.com ©



New lil' tape from ya boi AL_PD. Preview that first track and you'll know the deal. Cop here.


RIP! A Remix Manifesto

Alright, I’ve been wanting to post this for a cool minute now. I watched this movie “RIP! A Remix Manifesto” and thought it was really interesting. It’s mostly about remix/mash-up culture and breaks down issues of copyright, downloading, creative ownership/intellectual property, etc.—a lot of things that resonate with me personally, and I’d say it’s really worth the watch if you’ve got an hour to kill. It sets a good historical context for the whole concept of remix, and as you’ll see if you watch the film, Disney has basically fucked shit up for everyone. Really tho. Towards the end I thought it got especially interesting and real when they talk about the parallel (copyright) situation going on in medicine, where one company holds a patent on a particular way of fighting a disease, and since they want to profit from it, they don’t allow anyone else to pursue it. So basically, instead of collaborative research, companies just box each other out for a stake in the “market”—less gets done, more people die. Pretty fucked.

But back to the music, I’m really curious what people think about all this—like sampling, remixing, and even downloading. Seems tough to pay the bills with music these days (nothing new, but the game is changing). As for me, I download a whoooole lotta music (a lot of it is up for free download in the first place so it’s not an issue)—but I do try to purchase at least 1 project from every artist who I appreciate and think is worth supporting. I mean, the sad truth is if I really paid for everything I listen to I’d be bankrupt as shit, and I think everyone would agree. I guess what trips me out is how easy technology makes it to get anything, change/edit anything, and put it back out into the world as your own. When you throw money into that equation my head starts to spin. Just seems like the “music industry” is getting flipped on its head and I’m curious to see how it rolls with the punches. I dunno, I think about this shit. Would love to hear other people’s thoughts, opinions, whatever. Peep this movie if you get a chance, it presents all these ideas more clearly than I’m doing it and it really got me thinking.


Shlohmo BTS Radio Mix

My BTS mix goes live today! Infinite thanks to Andrew Meza and Charles Munka for setting it all up.

via BTS:
A new generation of artists have begun showing face in the corners of Los Angeles and across the globe. Directly influenced by acts closely associated with BTS, Henry Laufer, known as Shlohmo, is one of the names that's been propelled as a captain to this new squad.

Balancing between slow motion ambiance and aggressive bass hits, Laufer's productions have a lot more heart compared to most up and comers. When you speak with Laufer, you can hear his enthusiasm, hunger and respect for names he's now being mentioned with side by side. That same attitude is directly projected in his tracks. A young man eagerly wanting to share his music with the world and with the people who've shaped his production. But get it straight, he's not an imitation or trying to catch onto any particular scene. He's just doing what he knows best. That's setting up himself up to crash into the electronic world and grab it by the neck.

His latest EP, Camping, is set for digital release June 15th on Friends Of Friends. The EP will also include remixes by Baths, Asura, and Shigeto.

Comfort Fit - Sky Raper (Shlohmo Remix)
Jonwayne - Face Bomb
Joseph - Untitled #3
yuk. - Adept-ation
s.maharba - She
Lee Moses - Bad Girl
Jeremiah Jae - Vertical Pupils
Gonjasufi - Change (Shlohmo Remix)
Infinitirock - Not A Peacock
Groundislava - Culminate
Baths - Lovely Bloodflow
Oh No Ono - Swim (Shlohmo Remix)
Cedric Brooks - Ethiopia
Express Rising - Ice Stopped


Shlohmo - Camping EP out 6/15

Ya hurd right. New EP dropping 6/15. With some new shit you probably haven't heard unless you've been at a live set. As well as some amazing remixes by Baths, Asura, and Shigeto. Digital only release, but comes with a digital booklet of a few of my collages (cover by me as well).

Here's what Friends of Friends had to say about it:
As far as titles go, Camping is particularly apropos; the outdoor and indoor collide as Shlohmo’s selection of found sounds rub up the technology of 8-bit blap & subwoofer stress tests in three new tracks. Additional amenities include remixes from hotly tipped LA music maker Baths and fellow up-and-comer Asura (on the AWESOME new LA label, Non Projects) as well as recent Ghostly International signing Shigeto. There’s also a rework from Shloh’ himself, flipping Shlohmoshun Deluxe opener “Tomato Squeeze” into “Tomato Smash.” Camping comes just as Shlohmo stakes out a brand new full-length and will surely tide those itching to hear what Mr. Laufer has in store for us in the near future!

Shlomoshun Deluxe vinyl available for US shipping now! Funny that the UK cats got this shit even before I did, you fucks! But available now for purchase over at Boomkat and elsewhere.

Teebs XLR8R podcast

crucial sands of time on this one. brrraappp!


via XLR8R:

Young Teebs is more than just another producer in Southern California's ├╝ber-fertile beat scene. The Chino Hills resident—who swears that he's moving back to LA proper very soon—is not only busy putting the finishing touches on a debut album slated for release on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label later this year, he's also an accomplished skater, artist, and painter. Basically, he's one of those dudes who's seemingly good at just about everything he does. Like many of his musical brethren, he claims to have been originally inspired by trips to vaunted weekly club night Low End Theory, although we're guessing that the fact that he also has spent time living with FlyLo and Samiyam certainly hasn't stifled his development as an artist. Now he's fresh off the release of his collaborative Tropics EP with UK producer Jackhigh, and about to embark on a summer tour with like-minded young buck Shlohmo, so we were lucky to pin Teebs down long enough to put together a mix for the XLR8R podcast. Stuffed with hazy, blunted beats, the mix nicely captures the spirit of the LA sound and also happens to feature a grip of unreleased and exclusive tunes.

01 Kutmah "Warm Like The Sunshine" (Poobah)
02 Million Young "Chlorophyl"
03 Jeremiah Jae "Money and Food"
04 Teebs "Arthurs Birds"
05 Teebs "Cook, Clean, Pay the Rent (2nd Edit)"
06 Kona Triangle "Mango Rubicon" (Porter)
07 Flying Lotus "Drips/Auntie's Harp" (Warp)
08 Alex B feat. Harold "Seriously Again"
09 Flying Lotus "Satelllliiiiiteee" (Warp)
10 Dungen "Fretag" (Kemado)
11 Baths "Hall" (Anticon)
12 Teebs "While You Dooooo"
13 Juj "My Room" (Wedidit)
14 Teebs "Personal Winter" (Dublab Japan)
15 Flying Lotus "One for Kutmah"
16 Boards of Canada "Music Has the Right to Children (Oscar McClure Remix)"
17 Savath & Savalas "Te Quiero Pero Por Otro" (Warp)
18 Knxledge "Give Em Some Beats"
19 Knxledge "BB125.84"
20 Teebs "Why Like This"
21 Kutmah "Intro/Outro Shit"