Earnest Blount - Dr. Blount's Extended Sound Play

I know we've been slacking on the posts recently, but it's hot as fuck and all I can think about is summer. But we've got a very exciting new release for yall. One of our own, Earnest Blount, come's through with his first EP, an extremely thoughtful and experimental piece. Free of course.

words via Earnest Blount:
Here it is, Dr. Blount presents: layers of unfolding chords and equations and watnot paired with improvised melodic fragments. Almost 24 minutes, a group effort without explicit collaborations, but all you guys made it as much as me. We (u and me) used technology WITHOUT "technological rationality" and "other-directedness," cos this shit is inner to outer, not the other way around. Many thanks to the host of spatio-temporal travelers who lent their infinite wisdom and insight, directly or indirectly. We did it!!!



AL_PD is a beatmaker out of San Jose from the FOOTclan crew, and he fucking shiiiits on it. Let the beats speak for themselves:

Hammock by AL_PD

Klingon dumps by AL_PD

Boogy by AL_PD

Maquet by AL_PD

Goodbye piano by AL_PD

Just some shit I've been groovin on lately. Dude's got a whole lot of free downloads on his soundcloud page, so dig through it and show some love.


Oh No Ono - Internet Warrior EP feat. Shlohmo Remix

EP by Denmark's Oh No Ono. Featuring a remix from your boy Shlohmo. Peep my remix in the player above. You can purchase here.


My sincere apologies for the lack of posts recently! Been crazy busy with all types of shit, but I SWEAR we're gonna be makin it up to you with what we got in store for the summer.

Some very exciting news. Been planning a west coast tour with good friends Dr. Strangeloop, Teebs, and Timeboy.

6/16/10 - Low End Theory - Los Angeles, CA
(Strangeloop "2010" DVD Release and Tour Kick off Party)

6/17/10 - Secret Location TBA - Santa Cruz, CA

6/19/10 - Oasis - Oakland, CA
w/ special guest Fluorescent Grey - www.myspace.com/fgrey

6/20/10 - Jambalaya - Arcata, CA
w/ special guest TAKE - www.myspace.com/sweatsonklank

6/21/10 - Berbati's Pan - Portland, OR
w/ special guest Nico Luminous - www.nicoluminous.com/2010

6/23/10 - Chop Suey - Seattle, WA
w/ special guest Splatinum - www.splatinum.com

6/25/10 - Milk Bar - San Fransisco, CA
w/ special guest ESKMO - www.myspace.com/eskmo

6/26/10 - Soda Bar - San Diego, CA
w/ special guest - RAS G - www.myspace.com/rasg



Alpha Pub

Renegade Vision

Institute for Cinema Studies

For Press Inquiries
Contact - Ryan Kofman - RK(at)renegadevision(dot)com


Soundcloud Bros

So in my soundcloud lurking I come across a lot of dudes doing their thing and making some dope shit. Here's a couple of cuts I've been groovin on, mostly by relatively lesser known artists. Some of these guys have hit me up, some haven't. But peep:

Activity by Malefique (Is It? No?)
Tokimonsta--almost free(3Othreemix) by n0nsense
♥♕Psychadelic Woman♛♡ by 木山 Impossible Nothing 人月
Stuck in the past by Fraud Fix
Looknside by ohbliv

Just wanted to lend some shine. Follow the bread crumbs for any of these artists if you like what you hear.


Jesus we're lazy. Imma post up some shit as soon as I get my act together... but in the mean time check Dublab right now and support the proton drive (listen live)! Shit is goin off at the moment.




via Dublab:


Please support Justin “Kutmah” McNulty in his deportation defense. He was detained by US Immigration authorities on Wednesday morning and is now being held at an INS facility in New Mexico.

He is facing immediate deportation unless we can reopen the case and show the authorities how vital it is for Justin to stay in our lives. This vibrant artist, dj and producer is a beloved member of the Los Angeles creative community. Help Kutmah remain in the United States!

To help, please visit > freekutmah.com and sign the petition.

We also urge you to customize or simply add your name and e-mail to the letter pasted below and send it ASAP to our friend Gaby Hernandez: gaby5hernandez@gmail.com.

Also consider sending your letter to California Senators: Dianne Feinstein – senator@feinstein.senate.gov and Barbara Boxer – senator@boxer.senate.gov.


To Whom it May Concern:

Justin McNulty is a highly talented artist, DJ and music producer who is a beloved member of the Los Angeles creative community.

For well over a decade he has devoted his substantial skills to the betterment of our community through positive, artistic actions.

Mr. McNulty has selflessly donated his time and exceptional talents to numerous charitable and non-profit causes. He has garnered worldwide acclaim through these efforts based in the United States.

Mr. McNulty’s individual community arts service is a testament to modern philanthropy. In an age when institutional funding is slim he has taken personal action to better our country by inspiring its citizens through progressive cultural outreach.

I fully support Justin McNulty’s right to stay in the United States and urge your positive and swift action in this matter. His deportation would be a devastating loss to Los Angeles and the American arts.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The Undersigned


Nick And Nick Xanaxel + World Wide Smashed

As many of you know I do a radio show on thursday nights here in New York
Tonight I will be doing my regular show 8-10 ET (Garage/Punk/Lo Fi/ Pop)
As well as my buddy Dj Still Life's
World Wide Smash
10-12 ET
Im gonna be dropping alot of jams
Some brand brand new Shlohmo and Landlord you haven't heard yet


pOnk - Wool And Water EP

<a href="http://ponk.bandcamp.com/album/wool-and-water-ep">BOAT by pOnk</a>

This is Ponk from Germany. So so nice. Much respect to this dude. He hit me up on myspace and turns out he mixed our friend Oy's album. Played a few months back with Oy while she was out in SF on tour. She has a nuts live setup. Be sure to check out both these cats.

Mbira Spirit

A little downloadable treat. I plan on releasing a proper album in late summer/early fall which will include "Mbira Spirit" among other things... but until then I thought I'd try to keep people tuned in with a little free content and make sure that any interested people are aware of what's to come. If you enjoy it, click the arrow in the player to add it to your itunes. More coming soon...

Mbira Spirit by Juj