Born Free

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

This New M.I.A video is insanity
Directed by Romain Gavras
He directed the "Stress" Video for Justice Last Year
Check him out if you haven't already


motion pictures

I see this motion pictures on the world wide web


Shlohmo - My Neck My Back Remix EP

Had to drop these two remixes into a zip for all yall. If you've been to one of my live sets then you'll definitely recognize these.

1. My Neck My Back (Khia Remix)
2. This Is How WEDIDIT (Montell Jordan Remix)

This is just the start of good things to come in the next few months. Look out for the Shlomoshun Deluxe vinyl release availabe for preorder at Cargo Records. And also a brand new EP! With some previously unheard shit and a few remixes from friends.

YoooOo im A DanCeR Frum Tha EastCoastt nD i Mak BeAtz Ya BeaTz are Mad iLL dO u usE fRUiTY lOOPz


NonEpic - misc.[09/10]

The elusive NonEpic just released a little tape of miscellaneous beats! All pretty unofficial as it seems... dude is working on an EP (which I'm sure will turn some heads) and these apparently didn't make the cut--a judgment call I would disagree with on a few of these gems (rest in beats, looptbutta, etc.)! But visit his bandcamp and hear for yourself. If I was you, I'd do my ears a favor and cop cloud rum as well. Shit is serious.


Shlomoshun Vinyl Preorder!

So finally here it is! I think I'm still the most stoked for this. This is my first pressing ever so I can't wait to drop that goddamn needle!

The release date is 5/24, and you can preorder it right now over at the wonderful Cargo Records.

Show support! Tell your friends! Tell your pets! Even if youre gonna buy it just to melt it and shit on the ashes, I still appreciate the support. More news on US availability soon.




Beat Tape 1 - Groundislava


I'm gonna try to start uploading mini mixtapes of all the beats I've worked on over the course of the current week or so.

Here's the first episode!

P S: I hope everyone is enjoying the LandLord EP! We put a lot of effort into releasing it.

-G I L


Troll 2 & LandLord

So the video below just started me on a tangent of awesome shitty movie clips... thought I'd share one more and you can take it from there if you want more.

But while I'm at it I thought that the LandLord EP could use a touch of clarification. Just to set the record, LandLord is Ground Is Lava x Weary. You may remember the track Animal posted a while back, which is theeeee shit. Well this is the full EP, including Animal, and it's also the shit. So get it and listen to it a lot. Now you know.

O yea and it's almost 4/20 omg!!!!!111!!!11!!11!!!!1 Be sure to post about it on facebook. Alright see ya.

Ahhh... great cinema.

-G I L


Flying Lotus Live From The Desert

Flying Lotus will be broadcasting a live set from the Coachella Desert
at 4pm Eastern time (1 pm Pacific time)
from the Fader booth at the ACE hotel
Listen in!
(Click the Desert Gold Banner)


Shout outs to my homie Nick maya for putting me on to this
New HEALTH video
Directed by Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Fame
Nobody else could take it to such a level of indulgence
Also excited for the new Dr. Steve Brule show later in May
Boe Boe Boe Boe


Dr. Earnest Blount

I think we all should recognize our good friend Dr Blount, the newest member of the WEDIDIT family. A few months ago he gave us "That Grim Reefer" mix-tape and since then has been consistently making tracks that have been blowing my mind. Check this dood's myspace and get familiar with his songs and then get ready for a !BIG! contribution of truly honest and powerful music to WEDIDIT in the next couple weeks.

O Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

Lil B and the Based Generation

As I dig deeper into the realm of Lil B, the more interested i become.

20 year old Brandon McCartney, aka Lil B from The Pack, has created 100 myspace profiles for himself, each showcasing a few songs that can go from the regular post hyphy pack beats into completely off kilter spoken word rants over ambient music. They are all numbered. Here is a link to
profile number 97.

He has just published his first book "Takin' Over," written in the form of text messages and emails to his fans. The book is about "being BASED and POSITIVE and SHREDDING old concepts that rap music has to be about violence and anger."


You can dowload his 'secret' tape right here, titled "Paint." It's a 100% ambient project with a lot of spoken word and singing. 'Released' January of this year.

If you visit his own social networking site, Bangkadang.com, you can see how much of an artist this dude really is. Some serious internet age fine art shit. No joke.

The following video may seem like some radio shit, but listen to what dude is saying. If this ever gets radio play, that will be a positive day for pop rap.

Would love to hear thoughts on this. So leave comments if you got something to say.

she gave me martian top

Yall remember the pack? Solo career time. Can't wait for the Young L-E-N drop:


Indigo Pyramid -Indigo Shades tape!!!

Beats from the whole Indigo Pyramid crew!!! except me ): my bad yall.
but this shit is large. cop it now!

"The internet really is an amazing tool. Collaborations between artists from continent to continent is only a mouse click and file transfer away. This seems to be the case for Indigo Pyramid (Infinite Potentials, Billion Dollar Quartet, Shlohmo, 0., Elan,10thLetter and Nigel One), a collaborative effort by a group of folks planted in different parts of the world. The end result is a mix of Electronic, Jazz, Brokenbeat, and Hip Hop. Download their free album after the drop and give it a listen."

-via Blind I

Eskamon = Eskmo x Amon Tobin


This came via Exclaim News:
"Electronic fans who drool at the mere thought of new studio recordings by electro experimentalists Eskmo and Amon Tobin had best go grab a towel. The duo are working together on a project they’ve dubbed Eskamon, and they’ve released the first single, “Fine Objects,” as a taster for what will hopefully become a full-length.

The song is, according to a press release, “the result of the pair’s unique take on sonic exploration and the manipulation of field recordings. From the onset, the two went out with a recorder, gathering sounds from around the house, yard and studio. Material recorded out of the studio included sounds from a parking garage elevator, a broken harp and the droning tones from a discarded piano. These were combined with more home-centric sounds to form the central theme to the song.”

There is no word yet on whether the duo are in the midst of creating an LP or which of the duo’s many affiliate labels might release it, but “Fine Objects” comes courtesy of Eskmo’s Ancestor Media imprint."

You can hear the track below:


"All my hoes goto the beauty parlor, I bought my mom a house today I buy my auntie one tomorrow"

"Im on my way to see my P.O. I aint talking bout probation office
talking bout my P.O. Box they just me 3 million dollars"


Daedelus @ Fabric

This video made me really happy. Daedelus droppin my track, Spoons, off Shlomoshun Deluxe, live @ Fabric London for RBMA x Brainfeeder fest. They seemed to enjoy.


The Jogging

God I fucking love this blog. All this dudes art.











S. Maharba

So this is S.Maharba, a UK based producer who's been on the most crucial repeat tip on my ipod for the past month. He put out his last tape on cassette label, Sassbologna Records, which also releases tapes from my homie Mark Aubert.

Shit is raw fuckin dirt with some of the best samples I've ever heard. The cassettes are out of print, but you can pick up his 2 latest releases as digital downloads for free right hurr and get dunked in some of that lo fi warble. cassettes forever mayn

<a href="http://smaharba.bandcamp.com/album/s-t">Girls On The Roof by s.maharba</a>

<a href="http://smaharba.bandcamp.com/album/she">She by s.maharba</a>


Eat My Chorts

Some news
I started up a blog for my photos/drawings/junk


Im still doing my radio show on thursday nights 8-10 pm ET
And if you read the blog you will know World Wide Smash
It comes on right after with my dude DJ Still Life
Last Week he had Alex Incyde from Dub War
But tomorrow his special guest will be
So make sure to tune in
10-12 pm ET



Joker @ 1015 Folsom SF

EDIT: we will be playin in the upstairs room, not actually opening but playing simultaneously i guess. so if you aint stupid you'll be downstairs most likely. (just joshin, we got a dope lineup upstairs too).


Joker this Friday (4/9) at 1015 Folsom.

Here's the lineup:

JOKER w/ Nomad

Frite Nite and Soundpieces Present

Nasty Nasty
Bogl + Dials

Cop tickets here.

Madlib Medicine Show No.4

Jeeeaaa. Madlib's Medicine show No.4 drops this month on 4/20 (LOL WEED) and is about to be a mix of all Jamaican sounds. AKA the champion sounds. Jah knows how I love Jamaica LOL lawdamercy. 420 airhorns for this one. bobobo. I & I might have to cop this one.

Teebs & Jackhigh - The Tropics EP

So I just received a press release for Svetlana Industries newest release, the long awaited Teebs & Jackhigh EP, The Tropics. So now I'm blogging about it like a bitch.

Just joshin. This album is beautiful, has beautiful artwork (Teeeebs), and has a limited edition (25 only!) of beautiful t-shirts to go with the release. This shit drops TOMORROW (4/5/10), so swoooop it up when it does. You will definitely not regret it.

Free sample:

This is the first major release from Teebs and also from Jackhigh. Here's a little bit of what Svetlana Industries has to say about this collaboration:

Svetlana Industries is proud to announce their second release, SVET002.

This release is something quite different and something quite special. The Tropics EP is a seven track mini album, the product of an 18 month collaboration between LA based beatmaker Teebs and UK producer Jackhigh, and is already attracting serious praise from some esteemed figures.

... The record is also a physical symbol of the origin of the beats scene as a possibly the first truly internationalonline music scene, not based around a club or a record shop or a neighbourhood but of a network of pioneersfrom across the world.

... As Teebs remembers it, Jackhigh put a snippet of a tune he liked on Myspace and Teebs asked him to send it over. “I flipped it, sent it back. He added strings, sent it back to me again. I flipped it again” And so it continued, in a slow organic way, loops becoming processed and degraded and altered and added to, and tracks slowly emerging.

... The resulting tracks are musical archaeology: a bit of distortion that crept in there, a digital blip here, becomes encoded, processed, incorporated into the tune. What’s remarkable is how coherent the whole record actually sounds, given the lengthy long-distance process and the fact that to this day Teebs & Jackhigh have never met.

...The artwork features Teebs distinctive abstract painting style which is increasingly in demand – he’s just finished some album cover commissions and his first large-scale exhibition. He often uses the technique of painting on top of vintage record sleeves he picks up, and as part of the release we’ll putting out an ultra limited edition of 25 unique hand painted sleeves by Teebs which will be available directly from us. We’ll also produce a limited run of 25 of our high quality undyed cotton made in Serbia Svetlana t shirts based on Teebs’ design.

This is the start of big things for both artists: Teebs will release an album on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label later this year, while Jackhigh has signed projects to both Rush Hour and Ghostly International in addition to Svetlana. Still early into 2010 The Tropics EP is a very different record and a sign of things to come: fresh, organic, mature, holistic, unified, and totally next level.


Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack

Woaaah. Thanks Jonwayne for the heads up. this track is my shit right now. pause.