if you're in San Diego...

Booom. Wedidit famly Elan holdin it down in SD with Pudge, Mike Gao, Marzio, and DJ Pound.

Samiyam, Kutmah, and Ages @ LET

LOW END THEORY 03.24.10 ft. Samiyam, Kutmah, Ages from Aaron Bennett on Vimeo.

Beat Soup w/ MD, Dak, Take

Check out this weeks edition of Beat Soup. With Take, Matthewdavid, and Dak. live instore at Poobah Record shop this friday, 4/2. Wish I could be in LA!

Also wish I could've gone to this:
This Brainfeeder post on facebook made me fuckin pissed that I'm up in SF:
"Another one of a kind Brainfeeder Sessions tonight: Thanks to Kode 9, Mary Anne Hobbs, Flying Lotus, Gonjasufi, Strangeloop, Knxwledge, Teebs, Kutmah, Ras G, Samiyam, Tokimonsta, Matthewdavid, Jneiro Jarel, Take, Devonwho, Andrew Meza, Sam XL, MHD, tons more, and Los Angeles."


Devonwho - Keepthefunkalive

The homie Devonwho comes through with his newest release for All City Records, Keepthefunkalive. Scoop it up right here and show your support for the man with the sammiches. JEA!


Gonjasufi and Gaslamp Killer / Dazed Digital Interview

Check out this dazed digital interview with Gonjasufi and Gaslamp. Crazy new album out on Warp Records right now, A Sufi And a Killer. (Look out for the Shlohmo remix! droppin soon...)

Teebs @ Mochilla


If you're in southern california, check out Teebs art show at Mochilla!

"Come join us for an amazing night of incredible art, refreshments, special DJ sets throughout the night and delicious food from Mandoline Grill!

Mochilla x Teebs : Timeless Poster Art Show is this Thursday 3/25! 25 Exclusive and very limited Timeless posters will be on sale for this evening only…

DJSetsBy: Teebs. Kutmah. MyHollowDrum. FreeTheRobots."



Just found out about this cat Dunian
Interstellar beats laced with broken hits and snaps
Like most of the joints on this site you gotta bump this through headphones
Laptop speakers don't do Dunian's production nearly enough credit
Definitely for fans of Four-Tet (I See you Shlohmo)


Bo Bo Bo

video from when I played with Daedelus, Nosaj, and Jogger @ the Magical Properties tour stop in SF




My good friend Paragus is making ridiculous soulful, tape, distorted, ambient music via Chicago. He finished the incredible Losses E.P. a while back and has been working some new tracks that are beautiful. Look out for (dirty super 8) visuals and music from Paragus in the upcoming months>!@# I'll be posting more soon...




FUCKIN SHIT. spring break. cabo san lucas aka my parents house in LA. it's hot as tits out here. bbq's daily.

i don't update this shit enough anymore. that's cuz we LAZY.

but here's some shit i been laggin on.
1. BTS RADIO is back. obviously. if you haven't been listening then you been sleepin:


And come out to LOW END THEORY tonight for Ras G and Pudge!!!

2. Watchoo know about Benji B playin my track, "7AM," during his BBC interview with Jay Electronica??? You can listen for the whole week right hurrrr.

3. Shlomoshun Deluxe is getting pressed on VINYL this month. BYAAAH. cant wait to drop that needle. news on availability soon...

4. dope Comfort Fit video. Stay up on his release for Error Broadcast, coming soon.

5. my man Ted, aka ATTN, comes through with some amazing audio/visual work. His EP is available free here. Check his videos:

Light Beams from Ted Levine on Vimeo.

Nightmare from Ted Levine on Vimeo.

Thats all for now. more to come. a shit ton more. once i stop bein a lazy fuck


Nick and Nick: Harrison Floored

So tonight me and my bro-host Dick Maya are gonna play a special Rap-Beats-Junk show. Expect alot of heat and alot of We Didded It Fam'ron.
Plus Im gonna be drunk
Listen Live
From 8-10 pm ET

some text


Dem Hunger - Caveman Smack

WOOOORD. Buy this shit right now. Already one of the best tapes I've heard this year by far. Rastas smoking gravel in a swamp indeeeeed.

For real tho. This is on some fine art shit. Dem is the dude.

Oh Yeah, This Song is Good. Lets make a video for it



QUIET (instrumental)

Just stumbled across this dude QUIET outta Germany today. Really, really chilled out instrumental jazzy hip hop stuff. Beats me how this fool doesn't have a bigger rep. It's in a similar vein to a lot of Kankick stuff, namely Beautiful: Opus of Love (first thing that jumped to mind for me). Late night chilling music at it's finest. The two Jazz Injection albums have been caressing my eardrums all afternoon. I, for one, am going to be lulled to sleep by this beautiful shit tonight.

All this guy's releases are available for FREE here. It's really worth a listen.

Mr. Dibiase - Cakeology

JEA! Much respect to D for this one. you know those beats you been hearing on his myspace and shit and sayin "god damn when can i HAVE THESE SHITS??" well here they are goddammit.
This shit is a must cop. This cut is already a staple in LA beat music.