Hot fucking DAMN. CULP just dropped an anvil of a beattape. Some of the hardest, grimiest beats I think I've heard so far. Your ears will need a shower after hearing this.

It took one track for me to know that this'll be in heavy rotation for a while.



Shlohmo - Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio 1 Mix

Just did a 15 minute mix for Mary Anne Hobbs' show on BBC Radio 1. It aired a few nights ago (1/27). You can check the rewind on the Radio 1 site (for the next week only) and download my mix directly right hurr. That's a real picture of me with Mary Anne too.


Dropa - Sloppyy Seconndd

The homie Dropa just dropped another dope beat tape full of grimy psychadelic hip hop goodness available over at Breakfast Of Champions Records. Make sure to peep that Sun Spot 1 joint (track 6)! My pick of the moment. And if you're feelin the sounds, there's a lot more where that came from... dude's other downloads are nothing to scoff at. Give it a listen.

Cop Sloppyy Seconndd Here.

Electric Egypt - Impressions Of The Inexpressible Invisible

A free Electric Egypt download is now available on Dublab. Beautifully haunting kalimba chops and nothing more. Great recording.

Download it here. Buy his album, Impressions of the Inexpressible Invisible, here.

Electric Egypt has returned to the urban world momentarily to fill us in on the mystic secrets he absorbed while traveling “way out there.” He gives us the gift of this brief kalimba expression as a teaser of the amazing things that will surely follow. In fact what’s already here is quite amazing. His album Impressions Of The Inexpressible Invisible is out now through Moamoo/Art Union in Japan.


Shlomoshun Deluxe - XLR8R "Pick"

Just got reviewed on XLR8R. If you haven't copped yet, do it here.

LA Weekly - "Spawn of the Low End" article

Holy shit check this out.

I get listed among the likes of Mono/Poly, Samiyam, Ras G, Tokimonsta, Dibia$e, Teebs, Dak, matthewdavid, Take, and Kutmah.

I will also be playing at Low End on 2/17 with Ernest Gonzales for the FoF night. Come support!

LA Weekly:
Just 20 years old, Friends of Friends–signed Shlohmo has already dropped the year's first great beat record with "Shlohmoshun Deluxe," a triumph of found sound and adamantine beats that earned him an invite on Mary Anne Hobbs' program. Essential release: Shlohmoshun Deluxe (Friends of Friends, 2010).

Four Tet - There Is Love In You

Possibly my favorite producer ever, Four Tet, has just released his new album, "There Is Love In You." On first listen, it's much more drony than past albums. Far more meditative and loop based, a whole lot less going on. Not at all in a bad way. Kieren is still a fucking BOSS. Take a listen for yourself. Fucking love the album cover.

you can also cop the Four Tet Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. Way more dance oriented than his other stuff.

Might be playing the Terrorbird Noise Pop fest with him too! Not confirmed yet, but I hope we're playing the same day. If so, you can be sure that my shit will no longer be in my bowels.


New Yoga

I met Jeff Joyal from New Yoga this past halloween up at Bard College. I was hammered and dressed like Wayne Campbell, but I had remembered checking out his visual/music stuff before. I just recently came upon LIZARD VISION on Skymall and had to put it up.

Its a bit different then what we usually post on WDIC, no Dilla vibes or nothing like that. But its some spaced out lo-fi weed sounds to keep you from coming down. Its like being in a dunk-tank of codeine.


Dropa - Dunk Tank


Download Dropa's "Dunk Tank" tape. Or go buy the cassette from BOC. Shit is bomb!


Religious Girls - Open Your Hearts To Fantasy

Met these dudes a while back when me and Non Epic played a show at their house in Oakland. I've been semi obsessed with their music since I saw them play in their garage and pour paint all over their drums and bang the shit out of them til there was paint everywhere. They have a pretty interesting set up too. No guitars or bass, just synths, samplers, mics running through effects boxes, and a lot of drums.

Well they finally dropped a mini album. It's $5, and worth every penny if you think it's as good as I do.

<a href="http://religiousgirls.bandcamp.com/album/open-your-heart-to-fantasy">E.S.L. by Religious Girls</a>

Here's some nice videos of theirs as well:

Jonah Christian - Beats, Samples and Life

My good homie Jonah Christian just released a free EP on some smooth, meditative, and loungy type of vibes. Perfect for lingering in bed on a Sunday like today. I suggest burning one to this and listening to the rain. Maybe light a candle or two, ha. Big ups Jonah!


0. (wedidit)

Would like to introduce yall to the newest addition of the Wedidit fam.
His name is 0. (pronounced "Zero"). You might also know him from the Indigo Pyramid...

Posted up his lil' tape, "Sound 0," a while back if yall remember. But dude has established himself as one of my favorite lyricists. Real talk.

So please enjoy the following "ennui (1)," the first in a weekly series of tapes by 0. So stay tuned, because unlike the rest of our lazy asses, this dude actually works hard on his shit and never sleeps.

Check his:



DJ Dials - Eyes Closed mix

Dials super rainy day mix. Smoke one or two to this while you're all warm and dry inside and it's all shitty and wet outside.
"it was raining yesterday and i made a really epic "rainy day mix" of like, ambient stuff and gregorian chants, video noises, hiss, fuzz, lots of piano, guitar, reverb, organic and electronic textures, blah blah blah."



mini daddy

wooowowow i was having a shitty day until i saw this. all stress just melted away.

No Shlohmo

Cant hold this fool back

Old but brud

Just found this interview from last year with two of my favorites
Blu and Exile
These cats are on one
got me cracking up


The Return

"Me and the Devil"
New Joint from O.G.il Scott Heron
Produced by Richard Russell


Jay Electronica - Victory Mixtape

AAAAH if you don't understand yet, LISTEN TO THIS. This is a heavy heavy mind-changer. One of the most refreshing things i've heard in forever.

Hellamega - "What You Do To Me" Video by 9Planets

The Indigo homie, Nigel One has this project goin called Hellamega. They about to drop an album. Peep the video by 9Planets and stay awake for the drop. We'll keep you posted.

Culprit - "GameGenieCheatCodes" Video by 9Planets

Mushen - Subsurface Flowers


Jea. Peep game on this one. Mushen. So dope. Shit just bounces. Been on repeat for a while.



FDR15 Mix


01 Bullion - Get Familiar [One-Handed Music]
02 Shlohmo - Birthday Beat [We Did It]
03 D-Felic - Want You
04 Milyoo - Channel [unsigned]
05 Drake - Forever (Nosaj Thing rmx) [Alpha Pup]
06 Myd - Train To Bramko
07 Hudson Mohawke - Ooops! [LuckyMe/Wireblock]
08 Desto - Level Up
09 Hindi Zahra - Beautiful Tango [Virgin]
10 Hudson Mohawke - ZOo00OOm [Warp]

Crumbs - Pieces and Portions Vol 1

<a href="http://crumbmusic.bandcamp.com/album/pieces-portions-vol-1">crum drum drum by CRUMBS</a>

Dude from Melbourne, Australia hit me up today with some dope beats. Peep game on this free download.



Eyo. I met this dood at a show in Chicago a while back and he said he made some productions. SNuffy just recently hit me up with them beats and they are really good. Some of his influences include Zomby, Neptunes, and Dilla. Download these tracks and check out his myspace. "Look for a proper ep soon" (SNuffy)

Betttzzzooo (download)
Mural (download)


Still Philosophy + Qman1 - "3512"

Check this beat tape.

<a href="http://stillphilosophyandqman1.bandcamp.com/album/3512">Beyond Category by Still Philosophy & Qman1</a>


Birthday Beat

So word, I just turned 20. Cooked up a lil birthday beat for yall.
All sounds from this OG casio that Joseph lent to me a few days ago.
Enjoy the lo-fi goodness.


Now I'm off to work on my "Braketime" remix for my dude Devonwho. Look out for his remix EP droppin soon!

Also, i know we've been slacking on the posts. Holidays = hectic. We got an overload of information comin your way soon so holdchagottdamn horses. Much love in 2010 yall. Aka t-minus 2 years.