really excited about this one - our good friend Edwin (not to be confused with the dude zeroh) has a lil project goes by NOVA, and i'm happy to announce the first NOVA release, a compilation entitled "Illumination!" featuring work from (waves:delicious) and Chris Adams, both of whom have been featured on the blog with their elegantly composed sonic stylings. i contributed 3 brand new tracks (peep "howlamme" below), as did the other talented brethren.

we were gonna try to sell it but fuck that business - anyways we woulda each made about 7 bucks after splitting it up, so with Edwin's permission, here's a free link for yall: 
Illumination! - tell your guru bout it.


  1. this is so fucking sick

  2. This slice is HEAVY...!

  3. big time upz to wedidit for putting up alot of steezy music to listen to and putting this music up. speakin the new language.

    the painting is by quadzilla.