Gonjasufi - The Caliph's Tea Party Remix LP

Warp Records is set to release a Gonjasufi remix LP in early October. The record will feature remixes from myself as well as Bibio, Mark Pritchard, Dem Hunger, Jeremiah Jae and more.

Gonjasufi - Ancestors ((Dreamtime) Mark Pritchard Rmx) by Warp Records

And hey, they spelled my name wrong on the first series of packaging. So swoop fast cuz this edition is suuuper limited brooo ;)


  1. Maaan.. Your remix of 'Change' is beautiful..

  2. Hope this isnt insulting, but Gonja's OG LP has the most harsh mixing the point that it is unlistenable to me. The production and concept are great, its just the vocals are piercing and distorted all to hell. I'm looking forward to hearing it in a new context. This remix is flames...nice work. Pretty incredible lineup on the LP, too. This is a "must cop."

  3. maybe Kev should mix Sufi's ish

  4. Anonymous: When they handed the files in to Warp, the guy who was mastering said 'dude all your files are distorted' and GonjaSufi said 'yeAH!'. No Daddy Kev could have made it pristine again.