Infinite by jonwayne

These are beats off the upcoming "Doodles", a beat CD I'm going to be selling at my shows and possibly through other means. Whereas "The Wayniac' was all hardware, "Doodles" is all software, using mostly synths rather than samples. If you've gone to any of my shows in the past few months, you'll most likely recognize a good number of the tracks as regulars in my set. Be on the lookout because you might be able to buy this in the near near future. When I figure out a release date I'll let you guys know.

Word to your Pep-pep.


  1. damn im trying to check this shit out, but I live in VA :(

  2. Word is born shit is dope as hell! How can we get in contact with you guys? We book shows in Copenhagen, Denmark. Just had Dimlite and Nosaj Thing last Friday....ask Gaslamp about us

    Sean // Sound Escape

  3. goddamn jonwayne is so hit and miss. sometimes i fucking love his beats/rhymes and then sometimes i'm not feeling them at all.

    that infinite beat has definitely been on repeat for that past couple days tho.

  4. ^^ thanks anon for that. I want to hear more about what you don't dig, though. maybe that stuff is just old shit being put out now.