Juj - My Room (new track)

Yo. So about a week ago I recorded my friend Tarek playing some guitar chords, then chopped that up and made a beat out of it. I've probably put more time into this one than anything else I've made so far, so I'm thankful to just be over this shit and move on. It's moving in some new directions/pretty different from a lot of my older stuff. Hope you can get down.

P.S. My stilo is to start a track then crap out when it's like 50-75% done, so I have a shit-ton of unfinished business. Hopefully I can bridge that gap and release a proper album #2 sometime soon.

Also, if you didn't know, the first beattape is here. I'll throw some other old beats up for download soonish too.

Download "My Room" here.

(you can listen first and see if it's worthy of a click) My Room by Juj

Peace for now.


  1. madddhypedddd
    long live the new flesh :}

  2. hahahahaa... illcandescent

  3. absolutely sick, made a lil post about it on squeegie


  4. damn yo youre breakin through, this is dope as hell!!