Asura rockin Low End (photo cred. JSTN)

Check out this young producer cat, also comin outta LA, named Asura. We played on the same bill at Low End Theory and let me just say that I was blown the fuck away by his performance. I got sent his album a few weeks back and was completely mesmerized by that shit, and the show took the gorgeous textural soundscapes to a seriously live level. Huuuuuge sounds that unfortunately went over a lot of people's heads, but for those who can appreciate the experimental side of things, this dude is on top.

Highly recommend seeing his live sets and definitely scope out the album right hurr which got front page treatment on Bleep!

ps. look out for an Asura remix on an upcoming Shlohmo EP... more on that soon


  1. The vinyl is on it's way right now. Lovin this stuff. Looks like top notch presentation from the label too, judging by the pictures.