All That

I remember the theme song being real dope, I still remember all the words, but DAAAMN.
Who the fuck knew this shit was by TLC??? The instrumental alone is on some Pete Rock/9th Wonder type jump off. Straight hip hop. I remember when Naughty By Nature was the musical guest...

Whats Gravy

I have been slacking in my posting lately, time to make moves.

Been super into this group SALEM and I really should've put this up a long time ago. SALEM's got some real weirdo style, like if Bauhaus and DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia got dusted together and made out.



Also giggin on Washed Out whos got a similair style to older M83 but more lo-fi and dazed. Get high and get busy you dummy.

Washed Out-Feel It All Around

Also make sure to check out myself and Shohmo at KIDS Holiday show December 22nd, 8:00 at The Joint 8771 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles CA, with my boy Mina Knock, Warm Brew who I gotta say is really killing it, and of course my dude and We Did It Fam'ron Hammered Black Guy.


Shlohmo on XLR8R!

Well hot damn, turns out the dudes at XLR8R dig my remix of Robot Koch's "Gorom Sen" off of his upcoming album, Death Star Droid.

Peep the link so you can hear the remix and download it too.

Thanks to Thomas @ XLR8R and Leeor for gettin the word out!


Joe Kay - Afterhours Mix

Afterhours by joekay

The homie Joe Kay's mix that's been sitting in his vault since summer. Was the second part of his Truthseekers radio mix that hasn't seen the light of day until now. Peep!

Tracklisting can be found on his soundcloud or on here. Artwork once again by 96.

Teebs Cosmopolyphonic Guest Mix Vol. 7


Another dope mix from Teebs. Titled "2AM Wine" for the Cosmopolyphonic mix show.

Doodles, Luke Ramsey, Zosen Mural in SF

So a few weeks back, my main man Doodles got commissioned by Upper Playground along with Luke Ramsey and Zosen to paint a collabo mural on the side of an organic food market. Little did they know how much drama would unfold after undertaking the project.

You can read about all the hairy details here. Including angry landlords on drugs and equally strung out boyfriend of the landlord who kept capping the mural every night. Weak sauce.

Regardless of all the drama, maaaad respect to the homie Doodles for hooking up the mural and respect to all them for making that wall look amazing. The dopest mural on haight. Fuck haters.

Qwerty Musique


Thanks to the Error Broadcast dudes for turnin me on to this mess. Qwerty Musique is makin music out of Quebec, Canada and this beat tape is out of control. For real, some super inventive glitch shit you gotta check out. No idea how this fool only has 20 friends on myspace, or how the EB team found out about him. Guessing he's a homie of a homie? More info soon.


Nick and Nick and Nick and Nick and Nick

So I told ya'll before about the radio show I was filling in with my buddy Nick, but for some odd reason we have gotten our own show. New Night New Name Still Grimy 10-12 Thursday Nights Eastern Time. Check out our debut show from last thursday, or any of our other 4-5 shows on the Teenage Kicks page.
(FYI You cant skip ahead or pause the streams even when downloading them after live broadcast)

So Tune in every thursday night 10-12 ET
East Village Radio

Or bump the old ones if you miss out (square)
Nick and Nick


St. Liquor-ish - The Lick EP

Fuck this is like Prince + blunts. Retarded. I'm serious.

St. Liquor-ish / Jellphonic is this crazy motherfucker from New Zealand. He wears all white and has a mustache, all the time I hope.

Been sleepin on this ep, but not anymore.


Cosmic Honey mix - Pyramid Triangles

Cosmic honey - pyramidal triangles by Cosmic Honey

1. Kona Triangle - Pinchbeck
2. Dr. Robutnik - Crystal Planet
3. A-rec - Haha
4. Constrobuz - Trap House
5. Electric Egypt - Pure Meditation
6. Low Leaf - Create or Die
7. Illum Sphere - Kaleidoscope
8. Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program - Clair Huxtable
9. Shlohmo - Ghosts pt. 2
10. Illum Sphere - Medusa
11. A-rec - S'wet
12. Constrobuz - White Bear
13. fLako - Welcome
14. Suzi Analogue - UnfairPort | LA
15. Ras G - Crazy Alien
16. Third P - Easy
17. SKP - MaxTech
18. Electric Egypt - E.E. Meets As Valet In Addis Ababa (feat. As Valet)
19. Kona Triangle - Long Mountain
20. Jackhigh - Shyft
21. fLako - The Up Wind
22. RAS G - stealth mode
23. Swede:art - Don't Leave Me Alone
24. Swede:art - Coffee Anthem
25. Pure Ecstasy - Pressure Drop