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Jea. FoF post about my Error Broadcast release.
Look out for my FoF release dropping in a few months!



Daedelus' Birthday

It's Daedelus' birthday on Halloween (SATURDAY) and he's throwing a massive party in downtown LA.
Pure Filth on the sound system. 3D movies and crazy shit.

Sets by:
Wet Mango
and my main man Leeor from FoF

Don't sleep! Check the site for details on location.

Annu - Def Vibrations

Welcome to planet Annu, population: my melted off face. This shit is dooope. #2 from your dude out of the Chocolate Milk Crew. Support this cat with your measly 5 bucks! This is certainly worth more.

Depakote and Friends - Rhythm Incursions

Download the mix here (right click and save as)

A good homie of the Wedidit crew, Depakote, comes through with a mix for Rhythm Incursions. Compiled by The Samurai, it features a lot of Depakote originals as well as tracks from me, Juj, and some of the MHD dudes, Bahwee, and Co.fee.

Parliament Funkadelic – Fire It Up Intro
Depakote – Calculator
Depakote – Schlitze
Depakote – Spork
Depakote – Heartattack
Bahwee – Flavors Track 2
Joe Burn’em VS The Pharcyde – Stand By Me VS Passin Me By
Depakote VS The Pharcyde – Gingersnap VS Passin Me By
Depakote – El Dandy
Depakote and Coincidence – Dan Marjele
Depakote – EYE U
Depakote VS Nas – Mushmaster 12 VS Made You Look
Co.Fee – Norman Bates
Depakote – I Live For The Funk
Coincidence – Breaking Even
Kid Headphones – Gumshoe
Kid Headphones – Endless Skies
Don Bo – Isaac Hayes
Shlomo – Hot Boxing The Cockpit
Depakote – Whiteplastic remix
Juj – Don’t Hate On Tech Decks
Depakote – Lilykoranic


The Dene Road EP

Myyyy fuckin lord. If you remember this cat from his We.Transmitted.It Mix a few moths back, you know not to sleep on this.
Get ready to get lost into some smoooov ass beat vibes. Shit floats around your head while somehow makin it bounce. The atmosphere The Dene Road creates here is too fuckin silky. One of my favorite pieces of the year. No shit.

Hudson Mohawke - Butter LP

AAAAh it's finally here mufucka. Hudson Mohawke's "Butter" LP for Warp records. And its just as fuckin weird as I thought it was gonna be. Sooo fucking weird. In an amazing way.

It's laced with this nostalgia for something had hasn't happend yet if that makes any sense. It's almost got an 80's stadium rock vibe, but in 2050 in silver suits, with sooo much glitter. But it's all done with a brilliant sense of humor. The sound is so insanely hyper real, I have no idea how this dude can monitor the sounds that he makes. It blows my fucking mind. Check it out for yourself on iTunes. (it's cheapest here.)


I forgot to let all you we did it fans about an online radio show I host with this crazy fuck named nick maya. Tune in every friday to Teenage Kicks and get weird with us from 2-4 eastern time on eastvillageradio.com

Heres the show, you can stream past shows as well (dont mind the picture of the two girls, those are the female physical manifestations of both nick and myself)

Teenage Kicks
and while your at it check out
East Village Radio
Ps. James Bong is in the building

Destroy LA mini doc.

Check out the millisecond clip of Luke at the end. Fuckin jokes.


Here's a dope vid done by the homie Sam, same dude who did the album artwork for Shlomoshun.
Look out for a Shlohmo music vid soon.

and also be sure to check out his Flickr.


Mark Aubert

So this cat gave me a cassette tape at a party I was DJing at last halloween. It was the first time I had met him, and like an idiot, I let the tape slide under a pile of shit in my room seeing as I hadn't brought a tape deck with me to school last year. But I just copped a handheld sony tape player yesterday and happened to find Mark's tape simultaneously. It was the first thing I popped in the shitty machine and I was blown away. Kinda bummed that I had slept on it for so long, but so happy I finally got to hear. His tunes just hit the right spot. Super nostalgic tape music. Fuzzy, warm, and simplistic sample meditations. The fuzz is all there, even on iTunes. Watch out for the fourth track on here, "Tomorrowcomesagain." Insane.

And if you want all the charm of a physical copy, sad to say, but Sassbologna has sold out of this old tape. But his new one is available NOW.


Strangeloop mix for Xolar

Check this mix that the homie Dr. Strangeloop did for Xolar.
This shit goes deep. Lovin how he incorporated my track. And the transitions are incredible; much more about referencing and mashing different textures and sounds than what you usually hear in a mix. Amazingly experiential.


"So, what d’ya think? This mix was really a departure for me… It was great to fuse so much material from my friends, incredibly creative minds who inspire me everyday. Peeps like NEST, PARTICLE KID, and BEN OLSEN. Also, I was really feeling some of SHLOHMO’s tracks during this mix, and am excited to share some remixes of his work with you guys, you can check out his fucking incredible EP just released : SHLO-FI : on the internet label : ERROR BROADCAST. I was very inspired by some of MATTHEW DAVID’S sensibilities in composing this mix, his sense of change, texture, and musical fluidity was a key inspiration. Really all the LEAVING RECORDS cats, such beautiful stuff. Also, just had to throw the FLYING LOTUS ambient practice track on there, I could listen to that one for at least a couple millennia. There isn’t too much compression on it so you can really feel the quiet parts and the louder parts, it is best listened to in a quiet room at low volume (that’s my suggestion anyway). Enjoy! :)"

Thanks for the shout out Dave! And also be sure to keep an eye out for Strangeloop's remix EP, featuring a remix by yours truly.


Antigravity - Shlohmo (FULGEANCE REMIX) on MOOVMNT

Check the link for a preview of this amaaaazing remix the homie Fulgeance from France has done for my track, Antigravity. Here's what the cats at Moovmnt had to say bout it:
"We’re back again with a tantalizing Fulgeance remix! Our croissant loving beat maker hooked us up with a remix he did for Shlohmo, a young cat coming out of Frisco. He recently released his “Shlo-Fi” EP via Error Broadcast and is well on his way to taking over the Bay Area. Now back to this Fulgeance remix. Check out “Antigravity” below and let us know what you think of this collaboration. Soon to be released on FOF Music and distributed by Alpha Pup (as digital EP)."


Teebs CDR

So I wasn't gonna post this shit, cuz I felt bad that this talented cat wasn't gonna get paid for this fuckin masterpiece. But since it's made its rounds on the interweb, I figured I might as well share the wealth.

Apparently Teebs gave out like 50 of these at an MHD show at the Crosby a while back and that shit got swooped onto mediafire like hot-cakes or some other cool analogy.

Anywhos, these have become some of my favorite tracks ever. Seriously.

0 -Sound 0

So my man 0 (zero), also a member of the Indigo Pyramid, has released an amazing comp of some of his tracks. Don't sleep on this dude. His steeeez is undeniable.
No shit, I heard some of the tracks on this album and he immediately became one of my favorite emcees ever. No shit what so ever. Glad to know this cat.

DP - The Dirt Beat Kid

So holy fuuuuck, I just downloaded this monster and can't stop listening. DP comes sooo dirty on this mix it's unbelievable. Like he found these beats in the trash under all that excess restaurant grease. Fuckin disgusting, in the best way possible. Do yourself a favor and cop this immediately.




"From across the misty hills of San Francisco, we welcome kid Shlohmo with his long-awaited Shlo-Fi EP for release at Error Broadcast. His instant-classic Shlomoshun EP made faces fall earlier this year but this one will boost the cat to a whole new level.

19-years old Shlohmo delivers the soundtrack for the LA aftershow party. His tracks swarm from dirty textures, strange sounds and obscured samples. It’s not Hip Hop what you hear, but the echoes are clearly there: under the blanket the beats are alive and kicking, the compression is awful (as we love it) and from the way Shlohmo arranges his tracks, it is clear what this kid listens to at night.

Solanaceous and surreal music from the point Burial and Fly Lo let off."

-Swift (of Error Broadcast

Photography by me, text by Sven Swift

.01 Shlohmo - Couch

.02 Shlohmo - For You pt. 1

.03 Shlohmo - For You pt. 2

.04 Shlohmo - Crust

.05 Shlohmo - Socks

.06 Shlohmo - My Drum Loop Is Stuck In Molasses

.07 Shlohmo - Ghosts pt. 2

.08 Shlohmo - Blankets

.09 Shlohmo Outbound

Much thanks to the cats over at Error Broadcast! Be sure to pick up the EP as well as their other releases.


Weslee - The Other Sides Vol. 2+3

Vol 2

Vol 3

Just downloaded these. Woooow, Weslee.

Thanks to Mindesign for the heads up. (<---- dont sleep on this man either)


woooow wow wow. Mr. Grif just let me in on a big secret. His name is 22tape and he's from Galway, Ireland.

All analog genre bending glitch shit. Pretty fuckin remarkable if you ask me.



We.Transmitted.It #2


Dr. Blount
"That Grim Reefer"

1) That Grim Reefer
2) That First Fuck Frenzy
3) That Bitch Trap
4) That Mellow Fellow Ulysses
5) Those Stolen Moments (Redux)

After a month break, the We.Transmitted.It mix show is back for it's second episode. This time featuring a good friend of the Wedidit crew, Dr. Blount.

For all y'all retards still doin your Daft Punk remixes, take note, this is some real shit: 100% original fuego tracks by the Doctor. Artwork by Joshua Padarathsingh aka Rude of the Chocolate Milk crew. (ill logo at the top by the french homie 96.)

And also, cuz we slept on last month's mix, expect another ill volume before the end of the month.

Shlo-Fi EP Release News

Hey so the name changing thing is getting reeeeeal old, I know. Every fuckin time I choose a "final" name/spelling, it turns out there's some other asshole with that same name/spelling and the label can't have dat shit. But this new shit is FINAL. Ain't nobody named "SHLOHMO." With that extra H, best believe it's all gravy.

Which means the upcoming release for Error Broadcast is once again titled "Shlo-Fi."
Look out, it's droppin in 5 days!! October 15th! don't sleep maaanes.


L.E.T. in LA Times

Hmmm, dunno what to think about this article yet. Interesting seeing what an "outsider" has to say about the scene. But then again I'm not sure I want him to know about it...

Especially when he says shit like,
"Jazz-inspired drumming is manipulated with digital controllers to make it cold and alien. "

Interesting article regardless. Check it out