Lone - Lemurian

I just stumbled upon this album today, and I can't really believe it took me this long to come across it. In a nutshell, Lone sounds like FlyLo x Boards of Canada with a shitload of ocean mist spraying in your ear. You can't help but daydream when hearing the beats, they're on some hazy nostalgic cloudy memories type of vibe, but mixed with a blunted scuba diving type vibe. Hard to describe. Do yourself a favor and listen. Not a lot of music makes me get off my ass and write about it---this is really good stuff. Highly recommended.

So it's a little tricky to find in the U.S., but I got it through Bleep which worked fine.




Larytta- Souvenir de Chine Video

Amazing Larytta music video directed by K├Ârner Union

Be Sure to cop the FoF volume II that dropped last week featuring Larytta.
Friends of Friiieeeeends

JUJ - "Heheh." Beat Tape Out NOOOW

For all yall that been waitin to get your hands on this cat JUJ's beats, don't trip, because the beat tape's finally here and it's bout to baaaang y'all over the head like!!

And my god, was it worth the wait. This dude's one of my best homies and I still hadn't heard some of the final versions of these jams. Soulbounce 2.1, eeeeewwwwwweeeeeeee. Cop NOW.

Keep your eyes peeled for my man JUJ, and his We.Transmitted.It mix in the near future!



Our friend Dr. Strangeloop is organizing a super dope show featuring some of the best in Los Angeles. Its on the the 26th so those who are around should hit this up if they want their brain's fed and minds blown.


Extended Family

Check out my boy Carter$ new single/video packed full of that Houston nastiness.


R.I.P Patrick Swayze.
The legend lives on.
Don't say "ghost like Swayze" for a while.

Ras G - Destination There EP

Ras has just released an amazing EP on Ramp Recordings. Please support. This shit is gorgeous. Digital and 12" out now at Boomkat.


Wet My Lips

Heyoo. It's Juj, and I'll now be posting some shit up on the blog from time to time when I feel it's worth posting.

And I think putting hi-res pictures of yourself in myspace comments is post-worthy material.
More later...



Wishin' I Was Still In L.A.

Here's a few of shows you don't wanna miss if you're gonna be in the L.A. area in the next 2 weeks. 

Friends of Friends

Check the Shlomo shout out in this Flavorwire interview with creator of Friends of Friends Music, Leeor Brown aka Lazy Brow. 

More news soon on my very first official release on Friends of Friends. We're looking at a late Fall release date, featuring brand new unheard tracks, and a few remix guests TBA...

Don't Sleep!!!

Frosty and Ale on the cover of LA Record for Dublab's 10th anniversary!

and be sure to cop Second Hand Sureshots on DVD, being released through Stones Throw:

More news on how/where to cop soon. 


Mixes on Mixes

How often you hear of female producers? And how often is it that they be MASHIN on all the dudes?? TOKIMONSTA is a perfect example of such. Reppin' the Brainfeeder flag, Toki's not only able to produce gorgeous melodic opium den type jumpoffs, but also bang bang shoot you in the face type shit. Check the first track if you need proof. 

This mix is Vol. 3 of Musique Large's LA Mixette series. The blog is run by french producers Fulgeance and Debruit.  Toki's also been nice enough to include my track "Hot Boxing The Cockpit" in the mix. 

Tokimonsta - Forgetting Numbers
Mono/Poly - Red & Yellow Toys
Shlomo - Hot Boxing the Cockpit
Zwicker - Traumdeuter
Johnny Farmer - Death Letter(Organized Noize remix)
Tweet - Call me (TOKiMONSTA remix)
Simo - Wop Wop
Frank N Dank - Shut It Down(Devonwho remix)
Flyherro - So Serious
14 KT & Dibiase - Going Fine
MF Doom - Favorite Ladies (TOKiMONSTA sultry remix)
Michael Jackson - Butterflies (Mndsgn remix)
Tokimonsta - Moving Forward
Ophrap & 5th P - So Beautiful (prod Afta-1)
Elaquent - The Love
Teebs - WLTA
Roachman - Bushka


The homie Dem Hunger has also included my track "Ghosts" in his new mix titled "White Drugs." Cop that shit on his BLOG. This fool is a sick man.