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Back in Nueva York. Handling.

Its about time I link to a few of the homies websites and such because theres too many people doing ill things right now.

First off check out the homegirl Willa Nasatir (on whoms couch I am writing this) fellow highschooligan and friend
Willas Photos
Willas Tumblr

Next is my dude Spike Carter, boyfriend of Willa and good friend
Spikes tumblr

Big Bandoson, first name Jon has got an ill website with his video/photo projects, this dudes got it going on.
Bandos Stuff

A friend of mine from back in the day Jack Greer has been consistently coming correct with his multimedia art stuff
Jacks Stuff

Thats all for now



When I first heard about the upcoming apocalypse in 2012 I was skeptical but still afraid. However over time I have given it more thought and not only do I believe it will happen, I completely understand why it will happen, and how much we deserve it.

The apocalypse couldn't come any sooner.



Every week or so I'm going to be recommending 3 albums or tracks that have been in my rotation.
To start off this week:

1.Killed By Death Vol. 1-1989-VA

I Wanna Be Rich-Cold Cock

2.Beauty and the Beat-2005-Edan

I See Colours-Edan

3.Breaking Atoms-1991-Main Source

Snake Eyes-Main Source



Yo! So it's been a minute since the last post, moved up to SF this week (if you're in the city and wanna chop shit up, hit me up: shlomography@gmail.com). 

But we're back with some exciting new shit for yall. 

  • This is the first episode of the new WEDIDIT mix show: WEDIDIT TRANSMISSIONS. From now on, we will be featuring a monthly mix by some of our favorite up and coming artists from all around the world, as well as cover art by a variety of our favorite up and coming visual artists. We pick one producer and one visual artist, and just let them do their thing. All mixes/tapes will be made exclusively for WEDIDIT but will more than likely be available elsewhere around the blogosphere. 

  • We would like to inaugurate the show with the very first exclusive episode by our friend, THE DENE ROAD. The tape is titled, "SOME OF THE CUT AND RE-ARRANGED TEXTS."
  • And our first featured visual artist is already a familiar face to the blog. The homie 96 has done it again. And do I see a little hidden gem in this piece? Hmmm . . . thanks for the design man!
  • The WEDIDIT MIX SHOW will be hosted on the blog for now, until we can get the website finished, where there will be a designated area to download each month's mix. 
We started WEDIDIT TRANSMISSIONS in order to spread the word, just as any mix should do. The thing that makes Transmissions different, however, is that we're not looking to make a name for ourselves through others' reputations and followings. These mixes are done by the homies, for the homies, from all over the world. Some might have a rep, some might be brand new to the game. But all these cats are just tryna get their sounds heard one way or another. No bullshit. It's called "Wedidit" for a reason!

So support these artists! Spread these tapes around, play em for your sister and your sister's friends. And their friends, and their friends' pets. 


Beat Dimensions 2

Jay Scarlett and Cinnaman have finished compiling the new Beat Dimensions compilation, a follow up to the BD1 circa 2007. Vol. 2 features all your favorite heavy hitters from around the globe. Pre-order your copy now. 

Full tracklisting:

01. Dorian Concept - Be Tween
02. Nosaj Thing - FWD
03. Zo (a.k.a. La Chauve-Souris) - The Peacock Revolution
04. Low Limit - Turf Day
05. Danny Breaks & DJ Adlib - The Sound
06. P.U.D.G.E. - Reign Dancing With…
07. Dizz1 - Konotakosuke Yaro
08. Samiyam - Swamp Tarts
09. Mike Slott - Cadeting
10. Mono/Poly - Distant Form
11. Ras G - Crazy Alien
12. Dimlite - Ravemond's Young Problems
13. Devonwho - Welts
14. Erik L - Soularp Suite Pt. 2
15. Kenlo Craqnuques - Zo√Źd
16. Tiago - Babel Fish
17. Dalt Wisney - R2FUX
18. Fulgaence - Haggis
19. Exile - Super Robot
20. Busy - Ecliptic Armilla




(house etc.)- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OUZQFK7J
two new EPS by me, GROUNDISLAVA.

Devonwho - Funraiser Vol. 1: Thumbtracks

Get your motherfucking copy now!
Devon will also be selling copies at upcoming shows 
including Breaking Atoms tomorrow night at the Grandstar Jazz Club
with the rest of Klipmode. Do not sleep on this!


Hammered Black Guy - hold the drinks

Maurice will no longer be performing under the alter ego, "Hammered Black Guy." He's fed up with the drunken lifestyle and wants to take this rap business seriously. Here's what Mo had to say:

“I was going to make this shit super formal and long but I think it’s best I just keep real and on the shorter side. I’ve been getting way too drunk for a long time and I’m pretty sure that’s news to no one. The whole hammered black guy thing is funny and started off as an innocent joke about the semi reckless way I acted when I was wasted.

Unfortunately that shit took of to extreme new heights this weekend and the way I acted on Friday was beyond uncalled for. I don’t really remember anything at all but between what I can remember and what I’ve been told I pretty much understand that I acted like a real fucking retard.

There will be no more hammered black guy shows that I can predict right now because I’m putting down the bottle until I figure out how to handle my shit responsibly again. Were gonna finish the recordings for the mixtape put that shit out and then after that I’m going to get a new name and change my shit up because I really can’t take any more of this.

I’ve almost lost all of my friends over the stupid ass way that I act multiple times now and I can’t put up with this shit anymore. My biggest fucking apologies to the Unknown theatre, Ethan Dawes, all the homies and people that I probably pissed off. Everyone who ever came to a show thank you, so much love for you guys and please believe this rapping shit is not over.”

Much love Mo, proud of you and hope you continue pushing yourself.
 -the Wedidit Fam


AEED - "Synesthesia" Debut EP

((click image to download))

AEED of the Error Broadcast Collective has just released his debut EP, titled "Synesthesia." Artwork by 96. 

.03AEEDCry now
.04AEEDStrange Dreams
.05AEEDElephants Dance
.06AEEDMore Time
.07AEEDMorning Walk
.08AEEDInterstellar Travel
.09AEEDVelvet Night

"Synesthesia is the long-awaited debut EP by Swiss producer Aid Copelj a.k.a. AEED. Purr! Cats have been waiting for this one.
AEED’s roughneck Hip Hop bangers are exclusively available as a free MP3 download here at Error Broadcast.

The nine tracks on Synesthesia feature mangy electronic Rap beats that wonderfully stumble & stutter but make you shake your ass nevertheless. With his barefaced synthesizer melodies and angular production, AEED manages to establish a unique sound between Hip Hop, IDM and candy Pop music.

Synesthesia is a sparkling gem of a record. A bling gem made of plastic, but cutting edges all over. Essential download. Purr!"

You're A Jerk

Now We Jerk - Presented by the LA Weekly from Brilliant Comrades on Vimeo.

why so serious?



Enough Said...

Fuck Ya Dude! 2 GROUNDISLAVA EPs just finished!

Babygames EP - All the upbeat shit, house music, etc. 
College For Dogs EP - All the instrumental hip hop hoo haa. 
you'll dig.
shit's all FREE too! 
so hit me up whenever, facebook, aim, email, I don't give a fuck. I'll make you a copy.
DIGITAL download available soon!

catch me at your next local huerge, yarga, pueblo, or juatise


Stones Throw Sundays @ Amoeba

If you're in LA, be sure to hit up Stones Throw Sundays at Amoeba Records.
This upcoming sunday is Mayer Hawthorne.

Cooler than a polar bears toe nails

Shmo Shmend Shmeory

Dan Collins wears a funny hat.

RIP Baatin

Animal Kingdom X HVW8: "Starship 27"

feat. Devon, aLIVE, Snowman Jack, P.U.D.G.E., J1, Computer Jay, Teeko ft. Dwight Trible (!!!), Dam Funk, Ras G, Proh Mic, Dibiase, J Bizness, Moonsatellite, Black Spade, and House shoes.

August 11

Misel Quitno

This is Misel Quitno a.k.a. Dimlite. Dimlite is from Switzerland and is killing the game right now. Misel Quitno (Dimlite) released Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1 in 2007. This album is like nothing else out. Let the music do the talking.

Go buy Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1 on I TUNES or at your local (cool) Beat Store.
Here is his freeeee mix.

Misel's Sleep Over Mix Vol 1.5

Whats really wavy

Just found out about this Belgian cat who goes by the name Cupp Cave. Dude has got a handle on the drunken 8-bit style, sounds like I poured Sailor Jerry's on my Super Nintendo. Make sure you check out his myspace and blog

"Transparent Obstacle"-Cupp Cave


Mr. Grif - Beat Tape Vol. 2

((click image to download))

Just got in contact with this dude from Dublin, Mr. Grif, and he sent me his beat tape. Shit is gorgeous. Definitely check it out...

Sifunk & Garmunkle - Blooperz

Sifunk & Garmunkle are a duo from NY that I just heard about. They sent me their beat tape today and this shit is ill.  Fuckin 32 tracks! All heat! Deep sounds and textures and a gangload of ridiculous samples tossed in throughout. aka just what you've been wanting to listen to. 
((click either image to download))
((click either image to download))


Dr. Strangeloop - BBC mix

You heard right. A good friend of Wedidit, Dr. Strangeloop, has just done a mix for Mary Anne Hobbs' BBC Radio 1 show. Pick up the "Ignition" mix and let that shit take you there ya feel me?

Loops Haunt - Promo Mix

Loops Haunt, hailing from Scotland, has put together a promo mix. Get ready for the dirtiest of dirty, heavy, experimental dub nastiness.