Error Broadcast - EBC Mix 001

Here's Sven Swift's compilation/mix for his collective, Error Broadcast. Art by the ill 96, once again.

"This is a mixtape summing up what popped up in my ears during the last six months. Raw experimental Hip Hop, electronic textures, unheard German Rap, all in a spendid mix. Most of it available for free.You can find loads of rare and unreleased EBC material, including cats AEEDThe Great MundaneComfort FitLambentChewy Benson and Benny B. Blonco. Feel free to spread this sixty minutes mixtape."


.01 AEED Coccospace *
.02 The Great Mundane We are the Magicians (Demo) *
.03 Comfort Fit Sneeze at You via ideology.de
.04 Architeq Sleeping Bear (TAKE Remix) *
.05 AEED Error Code *
.06 Phat Kat Nightmare (Dorian Concept Remix) via kindred-spirits.nl
.07 Pils Daddy Suff Shit via HHV.de
.08 Sichtbeton Platz und Kraft *
.09 Slomo + Lunte Anne & Thomas *
.10 Fabian Dellefant Games via ms.com/dellefant
.11 Daniel Maze Steampunk via serein.co.uk
.12 Caural SugarCaneGirlfriend via powerstripcircus.com
.13 Chewy Benson How Long *
.14 Lambent Toss the Coin *
.15 Benny B. Blonco Sweet Milk via moovmnt.com
.16 V.Mann + Serch Viel Gehört, Viel Gesehen via meetthekatze.com
.17 Gringo Starr fcaxlf (Glander Remix) via ideology.de
.18 Dimlite The Kids Will Understand via ms.com/dimlite
.19 fLako Footprints via upmyalley.net
.20 1000names 80's Debut via eklektikrecords.com **
.21 Fulgeance Absolute Beta via deadmagazine.de
.22 Juno Complex Dirty Chip Stack$ via ms.com/junocomplex
.23 ichiro Mori *
.24 Akira Kiteshi Albino Egg via thisistomorrow.blogspot.com
.25 .at/on Products Of Passed Days via bitlabrecords.com
.26 Zavoloka Nathnennia via nexsound.org

"Swift (l) is the coordinator of 12rec. Netlabel. Alongside Moritz "mo." Sauer, he supports the Netaudio scene with reviews and mixtapes of free music at Phlow Magazine. Swift is living in the North of Germany."

(AEED - SYNESTHESIA / artwork by 96 / out friday 07.08.09)
"Error Broadcast is a record- and a Netlabel. You can download all our releases in reasonable quality for free or purchase uncompressed audio.
To make you kids remember what it was like back in the days, every release is accompanied by a limited edition of vinyl 7"s with password to download exclusive tracks and remixes.

Error is the glitch that interferes with crept over mainstream Hip Hop, the increment of postmodernism.

Broadcast refers to Chuck D's idea of Rap as an alternative social organ. The term works as a tribute to traditional Golden Age Hip Hop the same as it underlines the collective's self-perception as "independent".

We are releasing contemporary experimental Hip Hop music."

make sure to also hit up these cats on their myspace

GLK - My Troubled Mind EP

dropping August 4th on Brainfeeder

Hi-Res - 1080 Beats

Check out Portland based producer, Hi-Res. Here's his newest beat tape titled, "1080 beats," from back in June. Swoop on this shit!


Stainless Steele - Last Hope

(image courtesy of Stainless Steele, Derek Lau of Aidem Media, and Andy MUsser of Studio K)

The homie Stainless Steele from Pennsylvania has just put up his track, "Last Hope," for download. Swoop it up while you can!

This dude comes haaaaard. Look out for a Shlomo collabo in the near future...



The Chocolate Milk Collective

Hot damn. This crew of cats has got to be the illest I've heard in a minute.

Check out this crew comin out of Richmond, Virginia: Chocolate Milk @ Myspace

2 of the CMLKers sent me their EPs this week. And let me tell you, shit is hot.

Check out Annu's Dream Runner EP:

And then there's Rude with his Final Frontier EP:

Trust me, you don't want to sleep on these. Pick em up!

Dr. Robutnik - "For Those Who Left The Ground" EP


Dr. Robutnik sent me his latest EP a few weeks back. Titled, "For Those Who Left The Ground," here's what Dr. Ro had to say in his blog:


This EP was recorded in March of 2009 within the course of one week.

All tracks were made after midnight.

Only two records were used during the EP: One for vocal samples and one for background noises and sounds.

Everything else came from the SP-404 and the SH-201.

This EP is a loose translation of the opening monologue, where a dead man is dug up, due to his corpse being in the way of the state turnpike. Each track is the soul's trip up through the atmospheres of the earth, and eventually into Outer Space, yet at the end, he ends up being somewhere very familiar to him.

Hope y'all enjoy this sinister ass shit.

"And Death Shall Have No Dominion" - Illvibes Mix

New mix for JOEKAY's IllVibes mix show. This time it's a guest mix by the one and only 96, way out from France. Not only did he once again supply the dope art and design, but he comes hard on the mix! Check it out for sure. He threw in 2 of my own tracks in there from the SHLOMOSHUN EP, mixed in with the likes of Mr. Dibiase, Dr. Strangeloop, Flako, Black Spade, Kenlo and waaay more. It's an honor to be mixed in among these cats! Big up 96 and Joe Kay.

Download Guestmix by 96:

01 Jar Moff ~ 'Track 03'
02 Kenlo & Vlooper ~ 'Venus'
03 Benny B. Blonco ~ 'Pray'
04 Flatmate ~ 'Watch The Moon'
05 Jar Moff ~ 'Track 04'
06 Shlomo ~ 'Ghosts'
07 Jar Moff ~ 'Track 04'
08 Shlomo ~ '7am'
09 fL∆ko ~ 'Ring Di'
10 Shlomo ~ '7am'
11 Harrison Blakoldman ~ '1-2-1-2'
12 Black Spade ~ 'Actioneer' (Waajeed Remix)
13 Hayzee ~ 'Fireworks'
14 Kenlo & Vlooper ~ 'Rue Brisson'
15 fL∆ko ~ 'Lord of Chaos'
16 Ichiro ~ 'CU222'
17 A N.I.Q. JOINT ~ 'Dyna Mita'
18 Dr. Strangeloop ~ 'Are We Lost Mammals Of An Approaching Transcendental Epoch?'
19 Powell ~ 'Rhythm & Wax'
20 The Parallel Dance Ensemble ~ 'Turtle Pizza Cadillacs'
21 Mr. Magic ~ 'Potential 1980'
22 Mr. DIBIA$E ~ 'Alex Foley' (1st Version from 2005)
23 Harrison Blakoldman ~ 'Lifts'
24 Dak ~ 'Walkon'
25 Ichiro ~ 'Empty Chairs'
26 Rez ~ 'Wussy Pet'
27 GETEYE ~ 'I Admit'
28 Cliff Martinez ~ 'First Sleep'

Dr. Strangeloop - "Are We Lost Mammals" Shlomo Remix

I'm proud to announce my first collaboration with Dr. Strangeloop and Brainfeeder Records.

If yall remember about a month back, a good friend of the Wedidit fam, Dr. Strangeloop, released his first EP on Brainfeeder, "Are We Lost Mammals of an Approaching Transcendental Epoch."

Soon to be released will be a remix EP of Strangeloop's "Are We Lost Mammals," featuring a remix by yours truly, Shlomo, as well as a few other familiar faces.

More info after the jump, but while you're waiting,
here's an ill promo Strangeloop put together featuring a sneak peak of my remix:

Are We Lost Mammals : the Remix Compilation is coming ... from Dr. StrangeLoop on Vimeo.


Culprit - Lo-graFity Mix


Holy shit. CULPRIT coming through with an ill fucking mix:

Download: Lo-graFity Mix

Linked up with this dude through myspace. He's from Vancouver. He makes the ill beats. Pretty much all you gotta know. Listen all the way through, shit gets mad crazy!

He has another mix. Cop it right here:

Download: GameGenieCheatCodes Mix




If you haven't already, you should head on over to WWW.THEFMLY.COM

These cats (Noah Klein + Cameron Rath) run a great operation as well as a great blog.

They had some nice things to say about my "Shlomoshun" EP:

Really impressive work from Shlomo who we introduced to the blog last month as Henry From Outer Space. His latest Shlomoshun EP was released over the weekend and I really don’t have much to say other than duck and cover, because Shlomo is going to hit and when he does it’ll be plotted to the tee. This EP is a stunning example of what we can expect from the future of the LA music scene - afterall, a huge chunk of the tunes we post have been made by teenagers. Download for free as individual tracks right here (single track mix here), grab a blanket, lay down, spark a bowl, and sink in beats.

But you should most definitely check out their venue, OUT OF ASIA, where the WEDIDIT fam will be playing later this month (updates soon).

"SHLO-FI" EP - coming August 09

Just finished up the art work for my next EP, "SHLO-FI."
(too soon?? fuck that)

Should be availabe soon (for free as usual because who needs money). Will most definitely keep you posted. 

I'm workin hard for y'all!


HFOS bootleg mixtape

Here's a bunch of my old Henry From Outer Space beats that I compiled into one long 20 track beat tape. It's free, as usual. So check it out cuz it dont cost shit.

(EDIT) ------woops broken link. here you go: HFOS Bootleg Mixtape

"Shlomoshun" EP Release

Yooooo, so I went through with the full on name change a few weeks back. So it's just "Shlomo" now and not "Henry From Outer Space." (as if anyone gives a flying fuck).

But on a similar note of people not giving a flying fuck, I also just finished my newest release, "Shlomoshun." It's a 7 track EP for free download. All tracks were created between May and June. Got the Wedidit homie, Sam Siegel, to do the cover art. This young buck is coming up super hard on the art tip. I suggest you look out for this dude in the future: www.sammmsiegel.blogspot.com.

So ya, download Shlomoshun here:
send any and all feedback to: shlomography@gmail.com