I'm playing at Dr. Strangeloop's BreakOpenLA venue (look out for his upcoming ep, june release date). Be here or be sphere.




EEEEEY, as your girlfriend already knows, HAMMERED BLACK GUY (her favorite rapper who goes by the name of Maurice when he's in his human form) and me, HENRY FROM OUTER SPACE, have been teaming up (along with other producers, so far including JOSEPH COOL, JUJ, HARRISON SCHAAF, as well as a few others) to bring you the upcoming HBG mixtape.

This upcoming friday, May 22, me and Hammered Black will have the opportunity to perform our favorite jams from the mixtape live at the Unknown Theater. Here's what Hammered Black had to say about it:

"Me (HBG) and Henry Laufer (Henry from Outer Space) are gonna be performing at the Unknown Theatre playing some shit from the mixtape, some new HBGFOS shit, and some of Henry's beautiful music. if you like hip hop, dubstep, GG Allin, Dracula Mountain, northern lights, grandaddy purple or maybe even bubba kush come out and have a good time with us.

were playing with awesome fucking people:
SomeWhere Else
Rueben Rockwell

special guest: Buck Rodgers the Haunted Hype Mayne."

So come out and support the troops, or else your unpatriotic which means your probably racist.


Elan's Beats

Proud to announce the newest addition to the WEDIDIT fam:
the motherfucking dude, ELAN'S BEATS.

download it here: Feb6 - Elan's Beats

These nasty shits sound like somebody threw an old ass turntable on top of a nintendo NES, and dropped an SP 404 off a fuckin ladder right on top of the whole mix and smashed that shit together into a big crackle'n'poppin mess with a shit ton of dusty vinyl. The result: a tasty digital to analog sandwich for your ears. The post-Dilla groove is taken yet a step further into nastiness; your face is gonna look like youve been smellin piss all day. So check out the tracks, download one if you wish. And be sure to hit him up on his myspace: MYSPACE.COM/ELANSBEATS